Getting Hot and Heavy with the ThermoHAWK

Remember High School? In Chemistry class the teacher would remind us – in a condescending tone that indicated she didn’t think she would be believed – that HOT glass looks like COLD glass. And, of course it’s true. Many things in life are not what they seem.

And not being a fan of pain I applaud the technology behind the ThermoHAWK Series of wand-shaped infrared thermometers. If there’s any doubt about the possible temperature of something you are cooking. Or when you are messing about with car repair and need to know you are safe near this or that part.

Years ago I used to make jewelry employing the ‘lost wax’ technique. It might be good to know the temperature of the wax during this process. If anyone here watches Alton Brown on the Food Channel he actually gives Exact temperature for certain recipes. If you don’t happen to have one of those special devices, the ThermoHAWK might come in handy. At least for the Surface temperature.

There’s no need to touch the subject under examination. Just hold the ThermoHAWK over the surface, press the button and immediately there’s an accurate temperature reading. There’s a New Super Secret – patent-pending – chip that’s used in it’s pyrometer infrared sensor that makes it possible to give such accurate readings in such a small device. The next time Miss Brody starts her mantra about glass, just point the ThermoHAWK at the flask and shout out the exact temperature. I’m sure she’ll be impressed.

Written by Cecilia