Sennheiser OMX 70 Sport Headphones

We have reviewed some amazing headphones for MP3 players and portable video and gaming systems on these pages. Many, however are delicate and expensive.

So, what should you buy to wear when you exercise? Maybe these Sennheiser OMX 70’s are just what you need. Read on for my thoughts. Established in 1945 in Wedemark, Germany, Sennheiser is the acknowledged world leader in microphone technology, RF-wireless and infrared sound transmission, headphone transducer technology, and most recently, in the development of active noise-cancellation. These are Sennheiser’s first ‘Sport’ earphones – the highlights are:

Product Features

* Ergonomic design ensures optimum fit and comfort
* Powerful neodymium magnets for detailed sound
* Sweat and water resistant
* Extremely rugged earphones and cable
* Comes with ear adapter set, cable clip and vinyl carrying case

Technical Details

Model number: OMX70
* Connectivity: Wired
* Design: Clip-on earbuds
* Frequency response: 19 to 21000 Hz
* Impedance: 64 ohms
* Sensitivity: 116 dB
* Plug type: 3.5-millimeter stereo mini plug
* Cable length: 4 feet
* Weight: 0.25 ounces
* Warranty: 2 years
* In the Box: OMX70 earbuds, ear adapter set, cable clip, carry case


These are very unique in style and design. They are a combination of fluorescent

green, white and gray which is kind of appealing. They have a rubberized feel to them and they are flexible. The ear loops bend and the buds themselves actually can be extended for larger ears. They sit partially into the ear canal and protrude outwards. They seem to have a very sturdy design and the cables were nice and secure and comfortable to wear.


These Earphones are designed for exercise. They stay in place, sweat doesn’t bother them and they don’t move when you do. They fit inside the ear comfortably. There was no needed ‘rocking’ or ‘pulling at the ear’ which is required with other in-ear designs.

I found I could wear these for hours on end. They did not really block out noise – but that is not their purpose – there was no ‘feeling under water’ sensation as is common with totally in-the-ear designs.

Sound Quality:

The Sennheiser name is legendary in the world of sound quality. I was initially skeptical since these were $45.00 Earphones which could be found for close to $30 online – I didn’t think they could measure up to more expensive designs. I was wrong – dead wrong.

The Sound Quality of the OMX 70 was very good. The Bass was clear and tight though not as deep as I would like. The highs were very, very good – not as detailed as the least expensive designs from Ultimate Ears, but they also cost lest than a third as much. Vocals sounded beautiful – the midrange was very good – perhaps a bit more ‘muddy’ than some – but believable and nice to listen to.


These are great earphones. They were comfortable, sounded very good and they were easy to travel with. They are designed for exercise and they have become my main headphones for bike riding and grass cutting. They are sturdy and truly an amazing buy – even at full retail price.

Over all Grade: A-

Pros: Good sound, small, comfortable
Cons: Bass was a little lacking

The OMX 70 Sport Earphones list for $45.00 and can be found for as little as $26.00 on line. Visit for more information.

Written by Gary