Nokia Software Updater: N73 added, new firmware for N93

Nokia has finally added the N73 to the Nokia Software Updater, the only model that still needs to be added to the list is the N92, but this will probably take some time as that model is just now becoming available in select countries in Asia. All I can say about the N92 is: Finally!!! With the availability of the latest N73 firmware, users can now update their phones to the latest firmware version 3.0638.0.0.1. No official change log has been made available, but I will try to update this article as it comes in. During the same time a new update has been announced for the N93 model, only thing is users will have to wait till next week to get this update. This new firmware version 20.0.058 is an update to the previous version 11.0.034. The changes are:

– CellMo baseline update
– Improvements to Auto power off, reset cases
– Gallery/Camera primary use improved
– Initialization/startup time, improved to 2 ~ 3 sec
– Shot-2-shot time, 2.17 Sec
– Optical Zoom noise reduction algorithm updated to vary according to background noise level.
– Stability/Reliability improvements added.
– Product mode, UI jerkiness improvements
– UI jerkiness corrections included for Camera, Gallery and RealOne player
– A few Applications fixed for mode switch errors
– Bluetooth headset IOP/Audio improvement seen in BH-900, BH-800 fixed :
– Bluetooth SAP profile errors corrected so that N616 works.

– Improvements and changes to applications:
– Application changes:
– Internet Folder added in position 9 on main menu, containing
– Web (OSS Browser) , moved Office folder in 11.0.034
– Search
– Download! (contains Catalogs)
– WLAN Wizard
– Zip manager is added to position 5 in Office folder.
– Clock is moved from top level menu to My Own folder, position 1.
– Home network application in Connectivity folder is updated to include
setup wizard option to make it easier to configure UPnP.
– Access Point Configurator (APC) is replaced by Startup Settings Ver 1.

No visible change changes for end user.
– QuickOffice version is updated and allows end-users can buy a license for editors and activate them in their device if they so wish.
– Optical zoom reset by still/video capture mode switch: Zoom level is reset to 1.0x at capture mode change for smooth transition.
– Cover UI to not lit backlight as music clip change: Disabling backlight at music clip change to save battery power.
– Support for Display Headset HS-69 is added.
– Max no of Sent SMSs saved : change the maximum number of SMSs saved in “Sent” folder to 100. (for PRC variant only)
– Camera mode switching: Modes spec updated so that when changing from imaging mode to any other mode with camera still active the UI returns to idle screen rather than activate the sub-camera.
– UMTS in Network mode selection: UMTS is selectable in the UI for Network mode selection. Tools/Settings/Network mode/ Dual, GSM, UMTS. (not in PRC variant)
– PRC Default Boot Up Language: Default UI Language at 1st boot up is Simplified Chinese (not Automatic).
– In line with July 1, 2006, GSMA (GSM Association) mandate A5/2 ciphering is no longer supported by default.

Although not mentioned in the list, it seems that ‘bug’ that disabled multi-button functionality meaning that only one button on the keypad can be pressed at once has finally been fixed. With its 3D hardware the N93 is also targeted as a gaming phone and this multi-button functionality is a very crucial feature.

Update: As of 16-Nov, Nokia is reprting that the Nokia N93 updates are temporarily unavailable due to maintenance. You can still download and install the Nokia Software Updater application to your computer for use with other compatible Nokia products.

Written by Devin