Turning Japanese? I really think so!

Once again, it’s time for the gaming companies to wail in lament over their own press releases; the Bandito is back.

It’s early December, the announcements and new releases are in full swing to grab your entertainment dollar, but what does all their mumbo-jumbo actually mean?

The News The Guilty The Commentary
Finally! Sony has made PlayStationOne games available for their hand-held game system, the PlayStation Portable All you need to do is buy the game with your PlayStation 3, then download to the PSP via the USB connection.
Sony Way to back up your words Sony The one thing you could do that could possibly save the PSP as a viable platform, and you tie it into an installed base of the three consumers who all bought PSPs and PS3s? Smart. Very smart. By the way, the list includes all of five titles, four of which are SCEA games Man, am I ever impressed.
Kaz Hirai and Jack Tretton have been promoted due to the success of the PSP and PS3 launches. Sony

Yup, more like: Due to the recurrent problems of the PSP and PS3 launches, Ken Kutaragi is being pushed out

This seems familiar somehow; could it be one of those CarFax commercials?

Take-Two has signed an in-game advertising deal with an external firm to handle in-game billboard advertisements.
Take Two Interactive

Speaking of commercials.. In game advertisements aren’t enough anymore? What the HELL is this?! PepsiCo paying Sega to include KFC in Crazy Taxi (as an in game location) is one thing, but this..?

Well, now the same idiots that brought us the caveman commercial will be putting advertisements in our games too This is just the advancement in gaming that I’ve been waiting for, hooray.

An MP3 player is coming for the GBA and DS. Nintendo The hell? Whatever happened to Play-Yan? We aren’t good enough for V-I-D-E-O?!?
Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime announced Nintendo’s further support of the GBA, as they think that Game Boy Advance certainly has at least one more holiday season left in it.
Nintendo Bandito says, ‘It’s all about the easy money, we still have quite a few games that have yet to be localized for a quick buck.’ The Bandito is all for continued support of the GBA slot in the DS, but how much blood is Nintendo willing to drain out of the GBA corpse?
The ESA won a refund on it’s legal fees in Michigan right on the heels of winning yet another similar ‘free speech’ case in Luisiana.
Various Lawmakers For the love of God, have these legislators not learned yet? How many states have gotten themselves into this situation now, nine? Look, stop driving up the costs of games while simultaneously increasing the public tax burden You, the anti-gaming law-makers, should understand by now that there is this obscure little constitutional right called ‘free-speech.’
Sony to refocus on electronics. Sony

What’s the matter Sony? Have you figured out that developing content, electronics, and handling retail is a bit too much? If you’re going to ‘refocus’ on electronics, you had better make sure that you FOCUS on doing a better job at it.

If they don’t, the loss of 10,000 jobs and 11 manufacturing plants will only be the beginning for the world’s number two electronics manufacturer.

Written by Bandito