Wii^3 (GameCube Buyers Guide for Wii Owners)

cubePoor little Johnny, he got a new Wii, but those GameCube games seemed un-playable None of the Wii controllers were right, and, worse still, he couldn’t save his games Poor Johnny isn’t getting everything he can out of his new console, but you don’t have to be like Johnny You can get the accessories that count, and never have to worry about which Wii controller will work with what GameCube game (or Virtual Console Game either).

Flip up the trapdoor on the top of that Wii, and there are GameCube controller ports and memory card slots Friends, those are there for a reason Watch out for the games that, well, stink without a GameCube (GCN) controller At the time of this writing, the trusty old GameCube games need a GCN memory card as well Luckily, most retailers are inundated with these items, and a few even have store-branded controllers that are on the cheap Fortunately for us, Johnny didn’t go on a spending spree, leaving us some rather nifty accessories.

The GameCube Accessory Guide for the Nintendo Wii

There were quite a few GCN accessories, add-ons, and memory cards made over the last couple of years, most of which will work on the nifty new Wii Thus we begin…

WaveBird Controller: Nintendo’s own remarkably sturdy wireless GameCube controller If you are the type to angrily toss a controller across the room, then this is THE controller for you The average price of this item is $35.00, though they have been found as low as $25 and as high as $40 The used price for this item is usually around $20.

Wired Controller: There are so many shapes, sizes, package deals, brands, colors, and prices for a regular wired GCN controller that it would be hard to list them all One of the more interesting deals for wired controllers is a ‘Combo Pack’ that usually includes a controller and a memory card The average price for a wired controller is about $15, but can be found as low as $7.

memoryMemory Cards: Just like a controller, this is a necessity On the plus side, they don’t have to cost much as long as the 1024+ size cards are avoided In the case of GCN games, multiple ‘small’ memory cards is preferable over a single large memory card This is mostly due to the tendency of some games to use a limited number of ‘save slots’ per memory card whether it is a ‘big’ or ‘small’ memory card Finally, unlike controllers, first party memory cards are always preferable to third party products when possible (This is one of the gaming axioms, ‘Third party memory cards shall always suck, and thou shall lose save-data from third party memory cards.’) This is even a more important rule to follow for those who purchase used goods Expect to pay about $25 for a new GCN memory card.

GameBoy Advance/SP: I know there is someone who will see this list and think, ‘The GBA is a handheld system, not angba accessory!’ Well, the truth of the matter is that the old GBA can be both There are a number of games, that utilize the GBA/GCN connectivity for mini-games, personalized screens, in-game item trading, and (of all things) as a controller Considering that an original GBA can be found used for under $20, it might not be a bad investment Before deciding on a GBA, see below!

: Just when we thought it was the age of wireless, those darned cables find a way to be needed again If one already has a GBA, or is planning on one, then definitely look for the GBA to GCN cable for about five smackers Using a wired controller? Try looking around for a GCN Controller Extension Cable for around $3 Have multiple TV’s or multiple game systems? Try picking up a multi-platform AV-Cable for about $15; these usually are set up with multiple connectors for attaching to any number different game systems.*


Steering Wheels
: If there was ever an opposite of the ‘First Party’ rule, this accessory is it Not only are first party steering wheel controllers far too expensive, but they are usually only available for a limited time Furthermore, many current third party steering wheel controllers are multi-platform, meaning they should work on more than just the GCN connector on the Wii, but also on the PS2 and Xbox as well Expect to shell out at least $50 for a good wired steering wheel controller.

microphoneMicrophone: Only, and I mean ONLY, get this accessory if it is packed with a game or at the same time as a game Odama is an interesting title, but it should come equipped with it’s own Microphone Unless bought at the same time as a game that uses it, this accessory will see little action, and thus we’re not even going to look at it’s stand alone price.

drumming madly
Bongos: See above, the only difference is to look for one of the several DK titles that utilize those drums.

cubecubeThe GameCube Game Guide for the Wii

Unlike the accessories, games are really divided by taste, and those listed are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg If you already own a GameCube, then you might want to try your existing library on the Wii; simply put, more GCN games support progressive display2 than what would be expected (f.ex. Phantasy Star Online).

symphonia Tales of Symphonia: This game was mentioned before in a value priced list, and is well worth mentioning again Tales of Symphonia is to the GameCube as Final Fantasy XII is to the PS2 It is the must buy RPG with stunning graphics, remarkable deep gameplay, and unlike most Final Fantasy games–it has good replay value.

catch em allPokemon Colosseum: Yeah, yeah, it’s a pokemon game However, unlike the GBA titles of old, this particular title has a twist–the main character isn’t a ten-year-old For those pokemon fans who grew up, this title is a fun blast from the past. (Nintendo did not misspell ‘Coliseum,’ they tried to Americanize the Latin spelling.’)

pmarioPaper Mario, the Thousand Year Door: Want a Mario game that is a graphics showcase? This game isn’t only fun, but it takes the second dimension into the third dimension by having Mario and company be paper cut-outs in a messed up world This game is one of the high-points of the GameCube, will still look good on the Wii, but will cost a bit more than most GCN titles.

smash brosSuper Smash Bro.’s Melee: Another high point for the GCN, a fighting game with great ‘game party’ potential Oh, by the way, ya’ gotta’ bust the other guy (or gal) out of the ring to win Energy bars my gluteus maximus!

monkey ballSuper Monkey Ball Collection: Get your puzzle right here! Both titles can be found packaged together for $35, which is a five buck discount from the individual ‘Greatest Hits’ version.

resident evilResident Evil Collection: Not one, not two, but three Resident Evil games in a single boxed set. The set includes Resident Evil Zero, a prequel (Hello LucasFilms) to the Resident Evil series, a remake of the original Resident Evil (new graphics, etc), and the highly acclaimed Resident Evil 4 Resident Evil 4 is considered by many to be the best GameCube title of all time, and it just happens to live in this boxed set–making this the best deal of all time Considering that this set can be found in some places for $30, how can anyone say no?

baten katosBaten Katos: It’s an RPG It’s a card-battle game No, it’s both! A great RPG by Namco that has spawned a GCN sequel, erm prequel (Hello Again LucasFilms), and an upcoming Nintendo DS title; it’s no wonder that the original Baten Katos is on the list.

originsBaten Katos Origins: The sequal (erm, prequel… again…) to the above, again with outstanding graphics It’s a little pricey at the moment, due to being a new release, but with the card-battle system simplifications–it’s still a good bet for the RPG fans out there.

joeViewtiful Joe: Cel shaded movie action, adventure, and, well, an odd cast of misfits off to save.. Well, you may understand the drill, but this game takes the zaniness to a whole new level Levels can be difficult to complete, but the control scheme should be second nature in no time at all.

crossingAnimal Crossing: Some other author for a magazine described this game as ‘Sanrio meets the Sims,’ and I couldn’t say it better myself. Your in-game self can even take the time to play classic NES games like ‘The Legend of Zelda.’ Did we mention that GBA to GCN cable? You’ll want that for this title Oh, and by the way, this game is packaged with a memory card, sweet!

ikarugaIkaruga: Shooter Love! This is hardcore arcade top-down scrolling shooter appreciation Theres a few twists in this game, but for those that love a blasting good shooter–this is it Sadly, this is a rather hard-to-find title, still the shooter fan will find all the love they want right here.

metroid primeMetroid Prime: Step into the role of Samus like never before in the first person perspective, but don’t expect that the ball mode to be in the gutter Unlike many FPS type games, this one is easy to get into, easy to control, and has found a way to stay true to it’s 8-bit roots All of this, and the game is just visually stunning. (Not to mention being only ten bucks in the used bin!)

four swordsThe Legend of Zelda: Four Sword Adventures: Remember the GBA cables mentioned above? This game alone is enough to warrent purchasing a GBA and associated GCN connection cable for everyone in your house The dungeons are on the GBA, the outdoor areas are on the old telly, and then you can download your game to take with you on the road Don’t let the uber-cute graphics fool you; this is one addicting game that can really use all five possible screens.

fin<br />l fantasy”/> Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles</span>: Yet another game using that crazy GBA and connector cable for multiplayer action  ‘But, it’s an RPG!’  True, and it can be completed in single player mode, but when using multiple GBA’s, the game becomes more alive, and more fun  This is a wonderful romp, and can generally be found for $20.</p>
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Eternal DarknessEternal Darkness: This is an ‘adult oriented’ game, as in the content is more complex, let alone lengthy, than most ‘Cube titles A lot of attention was given to details, the likes of which is seldom seen in the console market.

Little Johnny may have a problem, but the rest of us don’t have to It should still be very easy to find the most important of the GCN peripherals, and the more obscure accessories are still available at many online shops Oh, and if you’re wondering about little Johnny, he is based on a real boy–one that told his mother that the WaveBird controller wouldn’t work on the Wii.

* Currently, multiple system supporting A/V or S-Video cables do not support the Wii; however, at the time of this writing several third party manufacturers are working towards a product that will fit the above description Also, note that the digital output port for the original Gamecube was removed in mid-2004; meaning that componant cables are no longer produced for the Gamecube system.

2Again, more Gamecube games support Progressive Display than expected, due to the removal of the digital out port.

Details about component cables for the Nintendo Gamecube: http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/syst … amecube/component_faq.jsp

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