Paragon Software makes My Kind Of Games

I know many people like shoot-em-ups or those incredibly complicated strategy games that take about three years worth of your time to finish conquering your opponents, but those are not what I enjoy.

I spend a great deal of my day THINKING. Thinking and thinking and thinking. I may not be discovering the cure for cancer, but I have always been organizing my work, reading up on information that I need for my career, solving complex animation/graphics problems, etc. The last thing I want to do is Think while I am playing a game. Sheesh! What I really need to do is relax. Occupy my interest without using my mind. Veg Out!

Paragon Software has come to my rescue! Top Hits Solitaire Collection and Another Ball are the perfect vegging out activities.

Another Ball is a classic break out game enhanced with challenging plotline and various playground objects. The player should move the pad to bounce the ball and destroy the bricks to collect different bonuses. Palm and Sony Ericsson users have already appreciated this simple but truly addictive game.

Another Ball arkanoid features:

  • 33 different levels with increasing difficulty
  • Challenging game’s plotline
  • 17 unique bonuses
  • Various playground objects
  • Game statistics and top scores list
  • Top Hits Solitaire Collection is a special pack of games for those who are really into the intellectual solitaire challenge. This collection consists of 15 best selling, scarce and newest solitaires exclusively selected and gathered.

    Top Hits Solitaire Collection summary:

  • Well-known Freecell, Klondike, Spider, Pyramid, Joker as well as the exciting Trefoil, Carpet, Yukon solitaires and others
  • Excellent graphic
  • A variety of card backs and backgrounds
  • Demonstration movie for each solitaire
  • Possibility to install additional backgrounds: Erotic, Christmas
  • The best feature of Another Ball and Top Hits Solitaire Collection is the simplicity of the gameplay. No need to feel like one has to do “homework” to figure out how to play. Just get right to it and enjoy.
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    Written by Cecilia