SpinVox Transforms Voice to Text

Even the simpliest phone can text message and most can save voice messages. In some situations it would be convenient to Speak into one’s phone but end up with something readable. Case in point:

“There is simply not enough being done by organisations to embrace simple ideas like voice to text conversion to improve the lives of hearing impaired people.”
John Hamilton, Chairman, The Leeds Society for Deaf and Blind people

Or what about situations where you just DON’T want to get a sound message – like in a theater. SpinVox provides a service that takes a voice message and transforms it into words you can read on a screen. Wow! Sounds like magic!

This “magic” is done by using a patented voice message conversion system (VMCS). You create an account with SpinVox and then you are free to use their Voicemail-to-TextTM.

There’s four main methods for using Voicemail-to-TextTM

This is how you send your voicemail messages as text messages or emails. Make a call using your cellphone. It gets CONVERTED and SENT as text to another phone, email or both.

Remotely update your blog. That’s right! Where ever you may be, there’s no need to desperatly look for a way to access the internet. Just CALL your blog, speak your deathless prose and Voila! it is converted to text, your blog is updated and your blog fans are never without Le Mot
from you!

Here’s one I really like. I always need to make notes to myself. And if you don’t have a pen handy just talk in your phone and the message gets CONVERTED to text and sent to the email of your choice. This is especially useful for lists or complicated notes that may eventually need to be text.

What if you need to get a message to a whole bunch of people? Call SpinVox, Talk into the phone and everyone on your Contact list will get your CONVERTED Text message. Fast and convenient!

Check out the site and take a free “Test Ride”.

Written by Cecilia