New Nokia N95 firmware is up!

The Nokia’s be-all, do-it-all king of smartphones has been out for a while and Nokia has just released the first major update for the device and is now available for download using the Nokia Software Updater (NSU). The new firmware version 11.0.026 update is a hefty 113MB download! For those that are unfamiliar with NSU,it’s Nokia
software to updates the phone’s operation software (also known as firmware), that is embedded in the read-only memory of the device, including native applications such as the calendar and phonebook. This is similar to the operating system software on your PC. The update consists of improvements to this software. The benefits of updating the software (firmware) include additional functionality and improved performance.
Nokia is saying that: ‘Due to potential backup/restore incompatibilities, we strongly recommend synchronizing your Calendar details before updating your software. Version 11.0.026 is available for most product codes, but please note that not all operator variants are included yet. These will be added as soon as they are available.’
I’m still trying to get a hold of the change log, but the most notable improvement is an improvement in image quality: the ‘Mars effect’ where pictures tended to have a purple tint is now gone.

If you don’t have NSU yet, you can download it here.The N95 is not listed yet but you can download the program by selecting any other phone. There is no need to connect the N95 to check if there’s an update for your product code, Nokia has a page where you can check this online, as not all codes are included yet. That page can be found here.
If you see anything different let me know in the comments section.

What changes have you noticed?

Update: I was able to obtain the N95 Firmware V11.0.026 Changelog, thanks to the members of the Howard Forums.

Changes/improvements made from MCU SW v10.0.018 to v11.0.026:
-Improvements to packet data establishment after changing to roaming network
-Improvements to number grouping
-Improvements to missing calls and new message
notifications -Audio routing improvements
-Say callers name volume increased to match ringing tone volume
-Call reliability improvements

-SIM certificates supported
-SIM card registration improvements

-Video recording starts faster
-Video stabilization improvements
-Exposure improved
-Lens shading improved
-Video sharpness and noise improved
-Capture tone synchronized with capture moment

-Improvements in images visibility in browser
-General stability improvements for browser
-Refreshing web page functionality improvements
-ROP memory handling improvements
-Browser out of memory improvements

-Out of memory improvements

-Improvements to automatic redial

-WLAN stability improvements
-Product name included for USB mass storage mode
-Improvements to SD backup
-Stability improvements to BT connectivity
-Localization improvements
-Screen saver default value changed from 5min to 1min
-Chinese language typing improvements
-Startup settings updated
-USB stability improvements
-General stability improvements
-Multimedia menu stability improvements
-Multimedia menu startup time improved
-Maps stability improvements
-Barcode reader icon changed

Written by Devin