WORKABOUT PRO – the only Mobile Device with a plaid shirt

What happens when you mix the ATT BroadbandConnect Network; which can operate in over 165 major markets in the United States, with Psion Teklogix; a global provider of mobile computing, wireless data collection, imaging and radio-frequency identification (RFID)? Why, you give birth to the WORKABOUT PRO – the first UMTS/HSDPA-Powered Rugged Wireless Device!

In this marriage ATT provides it’s nationwide EDGE network when outside the 3G coverage areas. That means the customer has more than 13,000 cities and towns available for connecting to. Also included is areas along some 40,000 highway miles adding new meaning to FTE (Full Trucker Effect).

Psion Teklogix has designed a device that offers a range of simultaneously supported radio options. That list includes: WWAN (GSM/GPRS/,EDGE/,UMTS/HSDPA), WPAN (Bluetooth(r)), WLAN (802.11b/g) and GPS.

There’s also a range of Operating Systems available: Microsoft Windows CE.NET 4.2, Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 SE or Microsoft Windows Mobile 5. Because of Psion Teklogix’ many bar code scanning options and portable printing solutions, the WORKABOUT PRO makes it possible for those on the road to run advanced applications without having to load up the office in the back seat. Something which is clearly impossible or inconvenient.

So the WORKABOUT PRO is going On The Road! No worries about being able to conduct business transactions at high speeds. With BroadbandConnect every corporate VP can be guaranteed an average downlink data speed of 400 – 700 Kbps with bursts to more than 1 Mbps, and uplink speeds can reach 384 Kbps. Imagine being able to download a 1MB file in about 15 seconds On a Mobile Device!

Because the WORKABOUT PRO is so powerful there’s no need to visit the Office to get data/instructions or even deliver reports. Just transmit data while on the move. Nearly anywhere, anytime. The office no longer has wall. Now it is the Great Outdoors.

Plus, the WORKABOUT PRO can take a beating. It’s got an IP54 rating and it’s sealed to withstand rain and dirty conditions. Now this freaks me out: WORKABOUT PRO is rated to resist 26 drops from four feet onto concrete. Oh, MY! It’s good to know this Ultimate Mobile device can put up with some roughhousing in a trucker bar! So put on your leathers, hop on a Hog and Ride off with your very own WORKABOUT PRO!
It also works with a suit.

For your very own way cool mobile Office Device check out PsionTeklogix.

Written by Cecilia