Altec Lansing introduces Upgrader Series headphones

Altec Lansing recently introduced their Upgrader Headphone Series for use with MP3 players and multimedia phones, interestingly some models will work with the iPhone. The series will be offered with and without a microphone, three of the new Upgrader Series specifically the UHS 302, UHS 306 and UHS 307 will have microphones and a specialized ‘convertible’ adapter developed to connect with the iPhone as well as with most mobile phones. The Upgrader Series features both a UHS line (headphones with a microphone) and UHP line (headphones only) and according to Altec Lansing the materials used were inspired by specialized sporting goods and eyewear. The line itself seems quite extensive with the UHP 306, UHP 336, UHP 101 and UH 301 all with an in-ear designs with silicon tips or pads that conform to ears shape. There’s also the UHP 405 and UHP 805 with an over-the-ear design, but only the UHP 805 includes active noise-cancellation technology. For usage during active sports activities there’s the UHP 302, 303 and 307. All three were designed to provide t stability during sports activities while also allowing users to monitor external noises, such as traffic and workout partners. The UHS 307 has an inline volume control and microphone with mute switch.

Finally the UHS headphones come with a gold plated 1/4 inch (3.5mm), four-band connector that fits with the iPhone’s audio jack. Devices can be attached via the standard 1/4-inch (3.5mm) gold plated connector or a 1/8-inch (2.5mm) adapter that fits most audio component output ports.

Altec Lansing’s Upgrader Series will be available in August 2007 at major retailers and

Written by Devin