New E90 cases from Proporta

Now that the Nokia E90 is out, many owners are going to look for cases to protect their shiny new communicator. Proporta, the guys behind the well-known Alu-Leather case have recently released three new cases for Nokia’s new business oriented smartphone in the form of a Book Type, Flip Type and Pouch models. Two models, the Book type and Flip type are of the Alu-Leather Case flavour. Both are hand crafted to fit the E90 and do a good job of protecting the E90. Another interesting fact is that the case features Proporta’s ‘Screen Saver System’ which uses a sheet of rigid, lightweight aircraft grade aluminium to line the case and protect the screen. The E90 is fully usable in both cases as all the ports and controls are useable with the case on. A removable belt clip is also available on request, but luckily it’s free.

The third announced case which my favorite among the three comes in the form of the Proporta E90 Leather Case (Pouch Type), made crafted in soft Leather is custom designed to protect the E90. It also worth noting that this particular case was designed by Proporta according ideas of Steve Litchfield over at AllaboutSymbian. The case look interesting with its black/bright orange color and contrast overstitching. I’ll try to get review units in once I get the E90. In the mean time I will get Proporta’s Gadget Bag with USB Mobile Device Charger this coming week for review. More about the Gadget Bag with USB Mobile Device Charger and E90 case at

Written by Devin