The show starts soon!

Gadgetnutz has been invited to take part in an exclusive Virtual Event hosted by Nokia’s own WOM World Team. WOM World is a Nokia- sponsored resource providing latest news, comment and feedback on all things about the Nokia Nseries from the world of social media. We’ll be bringing you the news and visuals from this exciting event as it happens!
Surrounding the event Nokia has also created a new viral site aptly named: ‘070829‘, clearly indicating the launch date of a new device. It’s no secret that the device behind the flashing lights is Nokia’s N81 music phone said to be launched at the event. I’m expecting to see the announcement of the N95 8GB, N81 and a new music service by Nokia, but do expect the usual surprises. In the mean time here’s the official show schedule that will be starting at 9:50 AM (GMT) so I’ll be reporting back in the early morning hours. That’s all for now, do check back as we’ll be posting the info as it comes in.

Event Schedule
9:50 Official welcome from Nokia
10:00 Press confrence webcast
11:05 Nseries WOM World team introduction
11:15 Announcement video
11:40 TVC
11:45 Announcement video
12:00 Nokia product manager Jaiku Q and A
12:20 Exclusive videos
12:40 Exclusive music content
13:00 Webcast of lunch-time entertainment
13:10 Nokia product manager Jaiku Q and A (during webcast)
14:30 Attendee reactions to announcements
15:40 Nokia product manager Jaiku Q and A
16:00 Nokia product manager Jaiku Q and A
16:30 Attendee reviews
19:30 Final event highlights (captured at Event by WOM World team)
20:30 Virtual Attendee impression of the Virtual event via vlog
21:00 Thanks for attending from Nokia
23:00 Event bloopers!

Written by Devin