Put a Bra on your iPhone

Not a real “bra”, that’s just what they call the plastic skin that is installed on the front of cars to protect the area from street junk and pebbles flying up and messing the beauty of a nice shiny surface.

Anyone who has spent good money on their PDA, cell phone or other device certainly would like to keep it looking new and beautiful.

Enter BodyGuardz which now makes a skin for the iPhone. Designed to custom fit each particular device this transparent skin is scratch-proof, durable and clear.

When you get your custom designed BodyGuardz you will receive:

  • Two Complete BodyGuardz
  • Layout Diagram to help show you where all the pieces fit
  • One Bottle of Application Solution to glue the skin on
  • One ScreenGuardz Squeegee – get all the bubbles out!
  • 3 ScreenGuardz Screen Protectors
  • and instructions on how to get it all put together. It couldn’t be simpler! Your iPhone will thank you.

    Written by Cecilia