The Nokia N95 8GB starts shipping

This is THE phone I’m waiting for; the N95 8GB and good news is that yesterday it has started shipping globally and will be hitting stores pretty soon!

There’s also a little piece of information that I’m excited about and at the same time I’m surprised as I didn’t know about it. It seems that Nokia has teamed up with Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) to offer the Nokia N95 8GB with pre-loaded Spider Man 3 content such as ring tones, wallpapers and screen savers. Spider Man 3 games, ring tones and additional video clips will also be available via the Download! Catalog in selected countries. Of course it also includes the full-length feature film in Europe and selected countries in Middle East and African regions. Something worth mention is that the N95 is now available in three flavors: the original classic N95 (N95-1), the N95-3,specifically created for the North American market with support for ATT and Cingular’s 850/1900 MHz W-CDMA 3G/UMTS, 3.5G/HSDPA) bands instead of the classic’s European/Asian 2100 MHz frequency. Lastly there’s the N95 8GB which admittedly is the better phone, but due to the lack of US 3G it wouldn’t be the number choice for US customers looking for fast 3G connections.
So what’s the difference? Both the US N95 and the N95 8GB have more RAM, enhanced software and better multimedia keys. The N95 8GB (not intended for the US market) adds a larger 2.8′ screen (instead of the 2.6 screen of the other two), black color and 8GB’s of internal storage. Both the classic and US N95 are readily available, the N95 8GB should be available somewhere in November. The N95 8GB will have an estimated price of about of EUR 560 or about $794.

Speaking of the upcoming N81, I will be part of a team of specially selected [prototype testers for the upcoming Nokia N81 8GB. So we will have an exclusive first look at this music and gaming oriented phone.

Written by Devin