Nokia releases update N800 in the form of the N810 Internet

During the Web 2.0 2007 summit Nokia introduced the N810 Internet Tablet, an updated version of the N800 that was introduced at the start of this year. Just like its predecessor the N810 uses Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone to access the net. The N810 allows you to make internet calls; check your Google Mail or Facebook Account; watch the latest videos on YouTube or update your blog using the device’s newly added slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Maps and GPS features are now integrated an part of the standard package, something that was only optional on the N800. It is expected to start shipping mid November with an estimated retail price of $479.
Technically the N810 and its forerunner the N800 are the same. The N810 adds a slide-out keyboard, built-in GPS, 2GB of built-in memory, microUSB connectivity and finally it now has only one memory card slot which can only take miniSD cards or microSD cards with a miniSD adapter. The camera is basically the same, but is now built into the front of the unit instead of the previous pop-out design. The N810 comes pre-installed with the new internet tablet operating system 2008. It’s due to the use of this operating system the N810 has a CPU operating at 400Mhz. The good news is that N800 has the same CPU and with the launch of the N810 current N800 users will also get this free update which will overclock the current CPU frequency to 400Mhz found on the N810.
Just like the 2007 version, the updated OS is Linux based a highly customizable user interface and contains various novelties such as a Mozilla based browser with Ajax and Adobe flash 9, Bluetooth headset support as well as enhanced video and audio features, including the support for Windows Media Video. There are also refreshed versions of Video Gizmo, Skype and Rhapsody. Current 0S 2007 software is not compatible with the OS 2008.

Written by Devin