MOTO Q 9h global Keeps You Connected to the World

The MOTO Q 9h global may seem larger than some phones, but it actually fits quite nicely in one’s hand and pocket during daily use. Click on the thumbnail to see it next to the two battery sizes available. The larger battery requires a backplate with a “bump” to accommodate, but it’s worth it.

The QWERTY keyboard has nice solid buttons that curve out. This makes it easy for men to use – I always hear men complain about various keypads what with some keys being too squishy, to small, to fragile and so on. I have nails, so even small keys are not too difficult for me, but the MOTO Q is sturdy and feels just right.

I and my callers are happy with the voice quality of this phone – that includes using the speakerphone and Bluetooth devices.

The MOTO Q 9h global comes with Windows Mobile (r) 6, built-in GPS capabilities and Documents to Go (r) for document editing, seven dedicated shortcut keys which are easy to find, a 2.0-megapixel camera with flash (still and video). AND Opera Mobile browser as the default browser. Being a big fan of Opera in all it’s variations this makes me quite the happy camper. I’ve been told downloads can be up to 3.6 Mbps via ATT’s UMTS/HSDPA-based BroadbandConnect network.

The 3G-powered MOTO Q global is the first MOTO Q smart device sold in the U.S. with worldwide capabilities. That means making a phone call in 190+ countries and accessing e-mail and other data in 135+ countries.
And, of course, this phone uses the microSD card – something that seems to be a standard these days. One thing I like about the file manager on this phone is that it’s much more user friendly than other versions of other phones. Example: I can select multiple files and move, copy, delete, whatever. This feels much more like a small computer than a clumsy attempt at a computer.

Click on the thumbnail to see the collection of accessories that come with the MOTO Q 9h global. USB cable for the usual ActiveSync connection, stereo audio cable and EMU/MU Adapter (micro USB adapter).

My Q Paks can be downloaded directly over the air to your MOTO Q global through a quick three-step process. Usage is complimentary for one year from date of download, and ATT customers must download their My Q Paks by April 30, 2008. More information regarding My Q Paks can be found at

Windows Mobile 6 also offers a set of important device security and management features that include the capability to remotely wipe all data from a device should it be lost or stolen.

Good Mobile Messaging 5
The new way to e-mail on your phone. Business users get a fully integrated mobile RSS reader and subscription manager, the ability to group and sort e-mail by conversation threads, the ability to customize priority e-mail with personalized notifications and complete calendar capabilities, including real-time free-busy visibility.
Attention all IT managers! Take control of the MOTO Q with advanced security and management capabilities. This includes a mandatory application checker, application blacklisting, granular device-feature lockdown and SD-card and database encryption, all through a single management console with complete over-the-air controls.

TeleNav GPS Navigator
This provides GPS-enabled turn-by-turn voice and on-screen driving direction, colorful 3-D moving maps and traffic delay alerts/rerouting for use in vehicles or while walking.

TeleNav Track This is a fully hosted, on-demand and comprehensive GPS-based workforce-management solution.

Cool things you can do with the MOTO Q 9h global is use the mobile YouTube site to view videos. I’ll be checking out orther features including Weather and Sirius and who knows what else in the next article…..

Written by Cecilia