Sena Cases Premium Stand Case for the iPod Touch

We review many devices here, some are more sturdy than others. Some emphasize form over function while others are all about functionality. Few devices have had the ‘buzz’ of the iPhone and the new iPod Touch. Given Apple’s attractive price cuts and memory increases, I suspect we will only see more of these marvelous MP3 players turning up just about everywhere. While the iPod touch has proven to be more durable that first thought, it does look to be fragile – with the glossy screen and thin profile.

A good case is a smart idea for such a pricey device. Enter Sena Cases – maker of fine leather products reviewed on these pages before. Specifically, we will look at the Premium Stand Case for the iPod Touch.

The Premium Stand Case is named such because this case not only is a billfold design that protects the iPod touch, but the case can be snapped in such a way that it can stand upright – allowing easy viewing of Videos on the iPod Touch.

About Sena Cases:

Formed in 1999, Sena Cases is a luxury mobile device accessory designer offering classy, stylish protective leather cases for today’s most popular mobile devices including phones, MP3 players, PDAs and more. The unique cases not only offer an upscale, quality appearance, but also provide exceptional functionality.

Brothers and Owners Ramsey and Fevzi Oten are the grandchildren of an entrepreneur in the leather industry. As gadget enthusiasts, the brothers were always displeased with the availability for sleek, trendy, upscale mobile device accessories that not only looked great but also enhanced the device usability.

Utilizing focus groups and other market research studies, Sena’s founders realized the mobile device accessory market was filled with products that hinder the device performance. Most consumers select devices that are small and slim. However, many of the accessories create extra bulk, include difficult snap closures and lack the necessary customization to allow access to certain device ports.

Unique to the mobile device accessory market, Sena Cases has taken great care to produce protective cases that are completely customized to individual devices. The cases are comprised of exclusive calfskin Napa leather imported from Italy and Turkey. The accessories are designed with exceptional quality and help magnify the device’s most popular product attributes such as size, port controls, and operating functions.

Sena Cases are available for a myriad of mobile devices and come in many leather color and style variations

Sena Leather:

Sena has scoured the globe searching for the most exquisite leather available. European leather artisans have assisted in the quest. After searching through some of the most coveted leathers in the world, Sena found the ultimate premium Napa calfskin leather in Italy and Turkey. The leathers are carefully hand-stitched to create the full line of cases

The ‘Official Description’ from the Sena website reads as follows:


Slim Design
Snap closure
1 Multi-purpose pocket
Headphone jack opening
Easy access to all buttons
Top Quality full grain leather
Can be used as a stand to watch videos
Padded protection
Hot-sync Thru travel cable
Designed for Apple iPod Touch


The Premium Touch Case is designed as a bi-fold design. The case opens in a book-like fashion and fastens with a snap. There is a storage compartment on the inside facing side of the case for credit cards, cash or whatever you might need to take with you

The first thing one notices about the design of this case, is the impeccable feel and quality of the leather. The soft leather covers every key part of the iPod offering protection in case you drop your beloved music player.

What makes this design unique is that the case can be folded over, and the snap fastened like the picture below.

In this manner, the Premium Stand Case can rest on the table before the user allowing for watching the screen – probably best used for watching movies.


The Sena iPod Touch case is beautifully designed. Each cutout is meticulously positioned and stitched. There is easy access to the headphone jack, charging port and important buttons. The only small issue I had with the cutouts was that part of the top power button was obscured by part of the case – but this was minor.

The Sena Premium Stand Case is crafted to cradle the iPod Touch beautifully. The iPod slips into the case and is held quite securely without too much bulk

Overall Conclusions:

All in all, this is a quality case that feels good, protects and is well designed. The leather seems to be of a very high quality. The case does a great job of protecting the iPod Touch. The added feature of being able to stand the case for viewing videos was nice touch (no pun intended.)

Sena has produced yet another quality product to help protect your valuable investment.

Final Grade: A

Pros: Great quality, nice leather feel, well designed

Cons: Top Power button is slightly obscured

The Sena Premium Stand Case for the iPod Touch can be found at for $49.99

Written by Gary