Krusell Radical Messenger Bag Review

Krusell, maker of nice affordable cases for PDA’s, Smartphones and MP3 players has just launched a new line of Laptop cases. The cases are being launched in their Orange and Purple label series. for purposes of this review, I will be looking at the new ‘Radical Messenger Bag’ which is part of the Orange Label design. With all the great case makers out there focusing on our smaller, hand held devices – it is nice to see one of the big names take a chance on a really nice Laptop case. So, is this the case for your new machine? Read on for my thoughts. Krusell is a Swedish design company renowned world-wide for its craftsmanship and quality. The brand’s backbone is an extensive line of high quality leather cases
and other accessories for mobile phones, PDA’s, MP3-players and digital cameras that combine stylish and functional design with the finest materials and detailing.
Krusell does not only rapidly adopt trends in portable electronics but also takes inspiration from the fashion industry as well as ideas created by society itself.

Krusell employs local craftsmen to design products that bring together function, fashion and the right materials.

The Krusell system of finding the right case is a little confusing with the various ‘Labels’ to navigate on the web site. This is certainly not the most user friendly of sites. That being said, it is worth the slight inconvenience to find the right case, because Krusell cases are well designed and crafted and the give you a good case for a great price.

The ‘Official line’ on the new Radical Messenger Bag reads as follows:

This colorful and fashionable messenger bag, suitable for laptops up to 15, 4′ is a perfect every-day bag for the youthful personality on the move!

The Swedish company Krusell, which produces and design cases for portable electronics, launches its first Laptop collection in our Purple and Orange Label. The collection will include two different styles, the Radical messenger bag and the Breeze laptop bag.

– With our first collection for laptop, we will further extend our target market and sales channels around the world. The laptop sales of 2008 are increasing and we will be able to offer a wide range of trendy and fashionable laptop bags for the modern society, says Ulf Sandberg CEO at Krusell International AB.

The laptop bags come in a variety of fashionable colors in one size to fit up to 15, 4′ laptops. The Radical bag is made of 100% Terylene weave and comes in three different unique designs. The Breeze laptop bag is made of high quality embossed cow leather. It comes in four different designs to match the already existing Breeze mobile phone case and neck strap collection. Both bags are equipped with a trolley function with zipper closure at the backside.

The Laptop bags will be in store for purchase from March onwards.
Radical messenger bag – at the recommended price of EUR 64,90 and Breeze for EUR 189.


The Radical Messenger Bag is designed like many other Messenger bags. There is a large fold over flap that goes over the front of the bag. Krusell has added nice decorative designs on the Radical Messenger Bag series. Inside is a large, padded compartment with a velcro securing strap for up to 15.4 ‘ laptop. In front of that compartment is another compartment with two pockets which is large enough to hold files, Smartphones, chargers – whatever you might need to tote around.

In front of that is a smaller, velcro slot which is great for software, notes or files and in front of that is a smaller zip compartment for any other smaller accessory.

In the back of this bag is yet another velcro pouch for storage.


As you can see by all the various pockets and enclosures – this is a very versatile bag. I could fit my new 15.4′ laptop, charger, files, books, pads , pens and BlackBerry and accessories all very comfortably in this bag.


I have used many laptop bags over the years – the craftsmanship on the Krusell bag really impressed me. The main material is heavy weight ballistic nylon. The stitching was very secure. The padding inside was certainly protective for my computer. The shoulder strap was adjustable and. most importantly, comfortable to carry.


This is a very cool bag – they are unisex. Some colors (like the Pink and the White) might not go over so well in the boardroom – but the Black and the Blue and others would work fine and make you feel a little more stylish.

Overall Conclusions:

This is a very nice case. I have always been impressed with the quality of Krusell cases and this one is no exception. It adds a little more style than most Laptop bags and provides good protection to your valuable investment.

Final Grade: A

Pros: Nice Styling, good craftsmanship, good value

Cons: Some color choices are not quite as ‘unisex’ as others

The Krusell Radical Messenger Bag can be found at for around $89.00 as well as on lots of web retailer sites.

Written by Gary