Found Art – The Picasso Concept

The story goes that one day Picasso was walking around and saw pieces of a bicycle in a junk yard. He picked up the seat and the handlebars and brought them back to his studio. Once there he mounted the pieces so that the seat “became” a head and the handlebars “became” the horns on this animal head. And so ART from garbage was born.

Years later I would often walk around New York and if I spied something dropped on the ground – some chain or a random mental – I would pocket it and save it for later examination. At home I would rummage through my junk and see if I could put it together in some interesting jewelry. Sometimes I would add chainmail that I created as part of the design. ART from garbage.

Well, I was delighted to discover edmdesigns. These are beautiful pieces made from clockworks and other metallic objects. Just go and take a look! I can see the eye of the Artist. I’ve been there. These are wonderful, imaginative, decorative and actually useful. Plus, they are classy. With father’s day coming up I can see these as a wonderful gift.

Written by Cecilia