Electronic Jewelry is da Bomb!

These days USB flash drives are as ubiquitous as air. Nearly Everything is USB….flash drives pouring out of every email computer ad you get…you can’t cross the street without tripping over a flash drive. They rain down from the skies!

So, it should come as no surprise that they can also come as fashion accessories. sourcingmap.com makes a whole array of styles and colors.

Let’s start with the “simple” one first, a nice black COOL-LOOK USB Wristband. Slip in on and go to the office with your data carried in a handy (or is that “wristy”) wrapper.
They also come as heart charms, necklaces, Cigarette Windproof Lighters, and even “Multifunction Ball Pen 1GB USB Flash Drive with Scissors and Knife Set”. Wow! File this under, “What will they Think of Next???!!!”

check out a few pictures…..tell me you don’t want them? They are cute!…oh, yeah, and useful!

Written by Cecilia