BlackBerry flips out with the new Pearl

BlackBerry Pearl FlipFor many years the BlackBerry(r) has been have to have for mobile business communications. So what about the rest of us? We need not wait any longer. RIM has introduced the BlackBerry Pearl(tm) Flip 8220 smartphone. The BlackBerry Pearl Flip uses the flip form factor which is a favorite among the cool kids. It is a sleek 3.9′ x 1.9′ x 0.7′ and sports an exterior screen to show whether you want to bother answering the call, return an email (supports up to 10 accounts), or read a text message. The Pearl has plenty of multimedia features built in

You flip open the new BlackBerry Pearl Flip to actually use it, thus avoiding the accidental pressing of buttons unbeknownst to you and randomly calling friends and family while on clandestine assignments You can watch video on the large 240 x 320 LCD display. You can listen to your music collection using the 11 equalizer presets designed to suit your particular choice of genre. It supports up to the soon to be released 16 GB microSD/SDHC memory card. That’s enough to be entertained while awaiting rescue from an abandoned island without having to watch Castaway more than once. And let’s not forget the 2 megapixel camera with flash, zoom and video recording. It includes Roxio Photosuite(r) 9 LE for photo storage and editing. You can while away the hours watching YouTube at your favorite hot spot using built-in Wi-Fi(r) (802.11 b/g).

In addition to all of the coolness of multimedia and flipping, the BlackBerry Pearl Flip has many of those bells and whistles that BlackBerry has become famous for. There is the SureType(r) QWERTY keyboard for those of us who haven’t mastered typing from a number pad. They include their enhanced browser optimized both mobile and standard sites. And includes a stack of productivity software enough for any enterprising person to take over the world.

Pros: Not just too cool for school.

Cons: No built-in GPS. Maps are included, but nobody to yell at you when you make the wrong turn. GPS is available as a Bluetooth accessory.

Written by Jeff