Nokia introduces cheaper E71 in the form of the E63

What happens when you take the ultra successful Nokia E71 and offer it at a lower price level? You get the newly released E63 of course! The E63 joins the 5800 XpressMusic in being capable devices offered at a reasonably low MSRP. Could it be that Nokia is starting a trend here: high on features, low price? I certainly hope so. Just like the E71, the E63 sports the S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1. At the low 199 EUROS you do give up on some of the features. The E63 is actually thicker and you do lose that metal body found on the E71. Obviously at this price range a few things had to taken out, these include: the GPS, infrared, Auto focus and HSDPA. The camera is now 2 megapixel instead of the 3.2Megapixel found on the E71. On the other you it’s the first Eseries with a 3.5mm audio jack and the flash light can now be used as a torch. The keyboard has reportedly been redesigned, with ‘Ctrl’, ‘Chr’ , ‘/’ and ‘@’ all on separate keys.
The Nokia E63 also includes Files on Ovi, a service where people can get remote access to their PC files even when their computer is offline. Anyone buying the handset will have access to 1GB of online file storage for free.
The Nokia E63 will be available in ruby red or ultramarine blue
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Written by Devin