Road Mouses by Road Mice

Recently we got a unique computer accessory in for review. It was a computer mouse, but not just any computer mouse. This mouse is the Road Mouse from Roadmice – who clearly have it on for things automotive!

Our mouse was a Dodge Charger and we took it down to the test track and put the pedal to the metal to find out if this was a mouse or, well, a car-shaped mouse!
These unique, wireless optical mice are high performance accessories. Their designs have the look of a replica automobile (in our case, a black Dodge Charger) and claim the functionality of the best pointing devices on the market. The Road Mice(tm) Optical / Wireless Mouse with USB receiver utilizes the latest RF and Optical technology. The functioning headlights and smooth lines give the car a realistic look and feel. Except that they’re much smaller than a real car and larger (slightly) than a real mouse. There are dozens of styles and colors, however they’re all based on US automobiles, but they do include a police cruiser which I expect will be a huge favorite gift item for anyone who knows someone in law enforcement.

As for quality, they’ve got it. They feel absolutely solid and work far more reliably than most mice I’ve used. The wireless pairing is straightforward and had zero problems as well.

You’ll that the reproduction of the autos is fairly good. They stayed away from over-detailing and over-painting, which can often look cheesy and ruin the accuracy in something this small, Detail is suggested through the design of the plastic molding and the larger styling details. The LED lighting helps as well. Of course, most real cars probably don’t have a large red scroll wheel sticking out of the front hood, but I might be wrong on that, I haven’t made a thorough study on that matter. By necessity all the cars are low-riders and the wheels are fixed.

There are a few other nice touchs. Aside from obsessive touchs like calling the serial number a VIN, there’s also a switch underneath to turn off the LED headlights which will save you on battery use.

Like their people say, A Road Mouse is a must have… for car enthusiasts and collectors. And law enforcement employees. Probably wouldn’t hurt to load up on these if you have a US car dealership as well!

Rating: A

Written by Kermit