Flash Your Phone

No, I don’t mean put on a raincoat without your pants. I mean it’s time we were able to play all those silly you tube videos on our cell phones because we HAVE to see the latest ridiculous internet joke. And right after viewing something amusing, there’s always the useful stuff like, oh…maps…programs, games, etc.
We already introduced the Palm Pre here. In addition to the amazing features of the webOS platform, Palm(r) has joined the Open Screen Project.

This is a method to deliver Adobe(r) Flash(r) Player for smartphones. Flash Lite is a version of Flash Player optimized for mobile devices addresses the issues of using flash on a cell phone. With mobile phones network speeds can fluctuate from one area to another, screen sizes and form factors vary greatly from device to device, device firmware can’t always be updated, and each geographical region has unique characteristics.

The Open Screen Project integrates the tools used to makes flash content and the result the consumer sees on his/her phone. This is basically a way to get the same quality of flash content that you have been getting on your desktop or laptop NOW on your phone. And since flash is found on a variety of OS’s this becomes the universal media of choice.

It’s about time we can see important web pages – made using some flash content – on a cell phone. The time has arrived. Check out the Open Screen Project for pdf’s and tons of details about this development.

Written by Cecilia