T-Mobile myTouch 3G Sings the Body Electric

Wednesday I got a look at the myTouch 3G. Nice and slim at 4.45′ x 2.19′ x 0.58′ and 4.1 ounces with all the important buttons on the face of the device. That includes a nice little trackball. I do like those. Now there’s a 3.2′ HVGA touch-screen display and virtual QWERTY keyboard that orients automatically from portrait to landscape. I tried the keyboard in the portrait position and found it a bit hard to hit the keys just right. I think a little practice with the keyboard in landscape orientation is what I’d need to do to feel comfortable with touch typing.
I looked at some YouTube videos and they played with no stuttering – it was like I was looking at them on my laptop. Not bad at all!. I am also impressed by Google Search(tm) by voice. Need to find your favorite pizza place? Just talk right into the phone and Voila! it immediately finds it. I saw that with my own eyes. And ears! I wonder what the myTouch would do if I asked, ‘Beam me up, Scotty’??
I took a video with one of the myTouch phones of me moving the home screen on another myTouch. I then emailed it to myself. The myTouch has direct support for Gmail(tm) There’s also support for Exchange, most other POP3 and IMAP e-mail services plus synchronization with Google contacts and calendars. But in this case I just wanted to see what my video looked like. When I got home I saw the 352 x 288 3gp video sitting in my Inbox. I shot the Home screen which covers twice the available available screen space seen so you can ‘push’ it from side to side touching the screen. There’s also a window shade tab that sits on the bottom on the Home screen that you pull up to reveal a full page of icons representing apps, all ready to go.


Enhanced Multimedia is what this myTouch phone is all about. Picassa(tm): The Google Application (which is also available for MAC and linux) helps organize your images and videos and makes them available to your friends. myTouch comes equipped with a music player and pre-installed 4GB microSD, so you can listen to all your songs until the battery runs out in about 7-8 hours. I played around with Google Maps – one of my favorite things to do on every device I get my hands on. It was fast and easy. Push the menu button to get more features. myTouch has fast data speeds via Wi-Fi and T-Mobile’s 3G network, so there’s never a lag. The 3.2-megapixel camera is impressive on such a small device.


myTouch even has AI. Yes, it can do your thinking for you. Or maybe it just seems that way. Sherpa is an application with Intelligent Local Discovery. Meaning it learns what you like to do and where you like to go. So, as you use the phone to search out what interests you, Sherpa makes better and more useful recommendations. It’s as if it reads your mind. Spooky. I can’t wait for phones to vacuum for me.


The myTouch is a phone made for a makeover. Take it and do whatever you want with it. There’s thousands of Android Market(tm) applications to choose from. And that’s on the inside. What about the outside? It comes in black, white and a beautiful merlot. Change the backplate to any color or image available or one of your own. There’s eight Gel colors to choose from if you want extra protection around the phone. Easy to slip around the myTouch it doesn’t interfere with use because the buttons are all on the front of the phone. Or you can wrap your myTouch in a pouch made of microfibers which doubles as a screen cleaner. There’s car chargers, battery extenders, holsters and much more.

Customers can visit t-mobilemytouch.com

Written by Cecilia