aXbo Helps You Get the Sleep You Really Need

Back in the day you would grab your alarm clock, set the time when it would “go off” and hit your head on your pillow. AT the appointed time the alarm would RING LOUDLY, your eyes would POP open and you would wonder if you Really Had to Get Up NOW. While I’ve always tried to get my needed eight hours of sleep I know many people who constantly complain of not getting a good nights sleep. And even though I seem able to get better sleep than many, I’m always happy to continue getting what I really require. If I have to do something complex I KNOW I need sleep. Others can lie to themselves, but I know the truth.

The fabulous people at aXbo have created an amazing system to help people wake up in harmony with their sleep cycles. As most of us know we have several cycles of deep REM sleep and light sleep during a normal nights sleep. Using the results of sleep studies they devised this clock which will wake you up Just when it’s right for you. Examine this chart for a clarification of sleep cycles.

So How does it work?

When I received my clock I looked through everything it came with….

what is in the package:

  • AC Power supply with four international adapters (European 2 round pin, USA Flat blade, British 3-pin rectangular blade, Australia – Oblique flat blades)
  • All-In-One USB cable
  • One SET Of WRISTBANDS In Different Sizes (80 and 90 mm)
  • One sensor for person 1, one sensor for person 2
  • aXbo sleep phase alarm clock for 2 people

plugsThe clock – mine came with this delightful soft rubbery texture – can be plugged in to recharge it’s batteries using either the AC plug or the USB cable to your computer. You just slide on the prong used in your county in the AC adapter then plug in the USB cable which plugs in the clock on it’s other end. Plug in wall, recharge clock. Simple. Or plug USB into your laptop. Simple. This is great if you are traveling because you can take only what you really need. The clock itself is small – see the thumbnail image at the top of the article. And if you are traveling with a laptop you only need to take the USB cable to recharge and that’s only if your trip is longer than a couple of weeks. The clock can hold a charge for about 10 days.

Once you have set your local time, now you can start the magic! Locate the sensor with a ONE engraved on the back and insert this into one of the wristbands. Those come in large and small so use the one that fits you best. I was concerned that wearing this would feel odd as I slept, but even after one night I realized that you forget about it immediately. The sensor isn’t bulky at all. Push the button on the top of the sensor for a couple of seconds. The clock face will show a person symbol next to a number “1” on the upper left corner. Roll into bed and sleep. The sensor will know when you move during sleep. During deep REM sleep the body doesn’t move. During lighter sleep one tends to become more active. The aXbo clock learns your sleep cycles and as your alarm time draws near the clock starts the alarm when it senses you are in your lightest last sleep cycle…..and your alarm begins. You will have chosen from a list of several alarm sounds the night before and this is what will awaken you The sound starts softly and becomes louder until it reaches the loudest volume you choose. Personally I like the birds tweeting. I recall being awaken exactly like that during beautiful Spring mornings

To shut off the alarm just press the sensor button and get up. The system works best if you really wake up when you are supposed to. I’ve noticed that sometimes my alarm starts about 10 minutes before my indicated time. And it felt just fine, so the clock must KNOW something! Now, if you happen to forget to put on the sensor the clock will start an alarm at your scheduled time. It’s not a cute special sound, but it’s not obnoxious at all. In fact, everything about this clock is sort of adorable.

aXbo clocks

If you need an alarm for another person you set it up the same way. The indicator on the clock face is on the upper right side. They can have their own sound at their own volume. Of course, the person getting up second may often be awakened by the first alarm. I’m not sure if there is a quick solution to this. I suppose trial and testing out various alarms/volume might help. I suspect it’s a bit too much to ask of a clock to provide Marriage Counseling. Or arrange to have the person with the second alarm to be a heavy sleeper. If you have a better solution I’d be happy to hear it.

This clever clock can not only wake you up but also help put you to sleep. There’s a “Chillout” mode. The upper right corner of the clock has three buttons which are used for settings. Click the scroll button and pick your “slumber sound” – one of three available. I’m trying out the ocean rolling in with seagulls crying in the distance. Choose the volume and fall into a relaxed sleep. Ahhhhh. I must say, sleeping is one of my favorite hobbies.

In addition to all these features the clock can be “locked” during traveling. This saves the batteries.

Now, another feature of the aXbo clock I’ll save for the next article. After you purchase your aXbo you can log on to the aXbo site and register with a name and password. You can download software (Windows only) and personalize your clock even more.

Stay tuned for the next installment of ZZZzzz…

Written by Cecilia