Lapworks Announces New Widescreen Notebook Stand

New Desk Stand From Laptop Desk Innovator LapWorks, Inc. Provides Support and Stability For Media Center Laptops.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA (PRWEB) September 28, 2009 — Launching in September 2009, Lapworks is pleased to announce the newest product in its lap desk and desk stand lineup, which already touts the popular Gamer’s Desk and Wizard Desk Stand: The Widescreen Notebook Stand.

gI_0_widescreenDesigned specifically for widescreen media center notebooks, the Widescreen Notebook Stand leads the field in support and stability for the widest of notebooks. The desk is 15-3/8″ long by 12″ wide – the widest notebook stand currently available. The Widescreen Notebook Stand is optimized for maximum cooling with both a 1/8″ thick, heat-absorbing Aluminum surface with twin cooling fans that circulate air to prevent overheating.

The Widescreen Notebook Stand’s tilting base effortlessly adjusts allowing users to incline the stand into dozens of angles for maximum viewing comfort. The base tilts freely, with no releases or locking tabs necessary to hold position, making the Widescreen one of the least complicated and easiest to use desk stands on the market today.

Because Lapworks knows that connectivity is vital to laptop users, the new notebook stand also incorporates a 4-port USB 2.0 hub to connect cameras, mobile devices and more. Additional ports include a mini-USB for direct connection to the notebook, an a/c adapter port and a on-off power switch for the dual fans.

Look for the Lapworks Widescreen Notebook Stand on September 15, 2009, exclusively on the LapWorks website.