The Truly Magical iPad. That isn’t here.

I promise this will be my last post of bitchin’ and whinin’ about what I’m disappointed about in the iPad. It’s really a testament to how close the iPad comes to perfection in that I, and several hundred other writers it seems, are out there complaining and moaning about this.

I am 100% sure that the iPad will be a success. It’s more than close enough on all fronts. I’m also betting with the crowd that says some coming software updates will make it even better.

Here is a graphic I created a few minutes ago that shows just how close the iPad is to true greatness and how little it would take to get there.

As I was creating this image and grabbing the source image from Apple’s site I noticed how they promoted this as a great device for photos. Ummm…how? With one of those fugly dongles? No way! An integrated SDHC (SD High Capacity in case you didn’t know) slot would easily fit.  USB connectors for everything else. HDMI output and a 16:9 aspect ratio display would be best. The icing on this awesomecake would be a autofocusing camera that can take photos or HD video and rotates from front to back ala’ the Sony Clie PDA and other Sony devices. With LED Flash (which could double as an LED light for video).

This device, at $499…, would get me parting with my benjamins faster than you can say Insanely Great.