The open back of the HTC device

HTC EVO™ 4G comes out Zooming!

The open back of the HTC device

I just returned from the Event in New York City introducing the new 4G Android phone, HTC EVO™. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse was there to kick off the program which included a showing of Walt Disney Pictures – Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time.

But I was there to see the phone. And that’s something to See! It will be available June 4th for the competitive price of $199.

For those familiar with the Android 2.1 OS you will find your fingers flying over the screen. I was watching people do this and it was obvious they were very comfortable with the interface. This device has a one gigahertz (Snapdragon™) Processor and can accept up to 32 Gig SD memory card. That wasn’t a typo, yes, I wrote 32 GIGS.

This device is ALL about high speed. They demonstrated how you can talk while surfing. The YouTube Player easily plays HD quality videos. There’s no stuttering which is often typical with other devices. 4G is 10 times faster than 3G. I made sure I heard that correctly. Wow.

This 4G device has an 8 meg camera which can make a 3264 x 1952 still image. Videos are 720p and are uploaded to for live video sharing.

Video chats can use the front-facing camera (1.3 Megapixels) and the back camera – (8 megapixels). For those of you who recall the New York World’s Fair of 1964 there was talk of a video phone. They showed a regular phone with a screen next to it, I believe. Imagine seeing who you were talking to??? Science Fiction for sure! Well, kids, it’s Finally here!! And it’s WAY smaller and can do WAY more stuff.

Now one of the things that really impressed me was the HDMI port at the bottom of the HTC EVO™ device. Yes, you can plug this baby directly into your HDTV. They had HDTV’s all over the place and I had every opportunity to see this in action. Another Wow from this reporter! Looks clear and clean.

Another demonstration had them make a call then use Google Goggles to locate a building by taking a picture of it. This preloaded app looks through it’s database of images to compare he one you have given it to locate what you wish it to find. You don’t even need to know the name of the area or the building. Once found you can read through details about it, and how to get there, so the person you aer calling has directions.

They also used the Layer Reality Browser and the GPS capabilities to locate exact subway stops. And when I say Exact, I mean in meters and in the correct direction.

Another very cool capability for the HTC EVO™is it’s ability to be used as a mobile router. You can connect up to eight devices…it Has the power!

In fact various accessories reflect this multiple connection concept. You can get an AC power charger which has two usb plugs. One can be used for the phone, the other for your BlueTooth. Or another phone. Frankly, I find this very useful in a car. Who doesn’t hate running out of juice when using your Bluetooth? Raise your hands. There’s another regular USB charger that comes with a variety of mini usb plugs.

Basically, this device is the next evolution in how people use their phones. It’s not just faster and easier. It’s what people Do once they know the information IS faster and easier to access. Science Fiction, indeed!