Archos Releases A Bunch

Well, five, new Android powered media gadgets.  From handheld media devices to full fledged tablet’s, they’ve just about covered all the bases here.

Each is named “ARCHOS” then a number, 28 for the 2.8 inch screen unit, 32 for the 3.2 inch, etc. Ranging from $99 to $349, they’ve managed to cover almost every niche of the media-player market with a blanket.

The high end 101, utilizes a 1GHz processor, supports flash 10.1, and weighs in with, you guessed it, a 10.1 inch screen.  This one supports 720p video with HDMI output.  We can’t even get into the fact that it supports tethering via Bluetooth…  Sans the review, this is one family of gadgets worth checking into.