Kensington ci70 Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse

The Kensington ci70 wireless desktop keyboard and mouse set is a welcome replacement for the boring and generic keyboards and mice that typically come with desktop computers these days. If you have a laptop this wireless set also makes for the perfect desktop environment for your laptop as you only have to plug in a single USB receiver instead of using an expensive docking station.

We’ve reviewed Kensington products before, including the identical stand-alone wireless mouse, and we’ve always been impressed with Kensington’s build quality and design aesthetics. Their mice are among the most comfortable to use whether wireless or wired. The keyboard that comes in this set is no exception. It’s well thought-out design is comfortable to use. The keys travel nicely and provide a satisfying feel in use. The mouse docking area on the keyboard is an appreciated touch towards saving on battery life and desk real estate.

Kensington’s support is excellent as well. When we broke our original mouse’s receiver Kensington replaced the entire package without hesitation.

This desktop set is highly recommended. It’s an A plus in our book!


  • Mouse features a design up to 35% thinner than a standard mouse
  • Keyboard footprint is 35% smaller than standard multimedia keyboards
  • Soft-touch keys offer a crisp, responsive touch for added comfort
  • Unique secondary function keys
  • Mouse docks into keyboard when not in use to save space and conserve power
  • Automatic sleep state conserves power and protects the optical sensor
  • Sleek, ergonomic design provides comfort and mobility
  • Symmetrical design works with both right and left hand


  • PC and Mac® compatible
  • 1 USB Receiver for both devices — 27 MHz wireless
  • Performance Optical™ sensor (1000 dpi)
  • Up to 6-months battery life – low battery indicator on scroll wheel of mouse & keyboard
  • Eject button (Mac OS only)

keyboard dimensions. L=kb left to right, W=kb front to back, H=kb from surface to highest part. 16.0″L X 0.75″H X 7.0″W
mouse dimensions 4.5″L X 0.75″H X 2.5″W