Nokia E7 To Ship This December


When Nokia announced the E7 at Nokia World, they mentioned a “last quarter of 2010”  availability. Today they revealed that the E7 will ship December 2010 and not December 10th 2010 as previously mentioned on the official Nokia Twitter account.


We would have preferred the earlier parts of Q4, but now knowing that it will ship “in December” doesn’t help much, it could ship on the 28th of December! Also add the fact that Nokia devices usually take at least 2 weeks to reach stores from the date they ship, some regions could actually see the E7 in 2011.

The E7 is Nokia’s top-of-the-line business devices replacing models such as the E75, E71 and E72. If you can’t wait for the E7, you could always go for the N8, basically an E7 without QWERTY keyboard, smaller screen and arguably the best camera in the mobile world.

Are you waiting for the E7 or is the N8 the better smartphone?