I want My Iomega TV!!

One of my favorite companies is making it possible to have TV and the Internet right in your living room – or wherever you watch TV. The BIG Announcement today is the new Iomega® TV with Boxee, a line of easy-to-use multimedia network devices utilizing Boxee’s innovative software to bring the web to your TV, including thousands of your favorite television shows, movies and other digital entertainment. Iomega TV with Boxee is also a powerful network device that transforms your TV into a media center for all of the video, pictures and music stored anywhere on your home network. The new Iomega TV with Boxee means you never have to leave your TV to enjoy the Internet and your home network.

Two versions of the new Iomega TV with Boxee will be available worldwide in February: one that includes 1TB* or 2TB of onboard storage, and another model without an integrated hard drive. Either way, the new Iomega TV with Boxee makes your laptop or desktop a thing of the past for enjoying the web as well as your own videos, photos and music.

“Iomega TV with Boxee is the only media player device with built in networking capabilities that making it a breeze to enjoy all your favorite web-based content as well as everything on your home network right from your TV,” said Jonathan Huberman, president of Iomega. “With Boxee’s amazing software inside, Iomega TV lets you experience thousands of TV shows and movies on your own schedule, as well as over 150 apps from the comfort of your couch and your TV. Once you experience Iomega TV with Boxee, you’ll never go back to the computer to enjoy your digital entertainment or streamed content.”

Iomega is unveiling the new Iomega TV with Boxee product line this week, January 6-9, 2011, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Iomega’s tradeshow booth is located in the South Hall 3 (booth # 31553).

What is Iomega TV with Boxee?
It’s the best way to store and play your favorite videos from your personal collection or the Internet. Iomega’s new networked Internet home entertainment solution with built-in wireless connectivity makes the most of your HDTV by making it easy to choose, play, store and share all kinds of content from the web using a library of popular applications, including VUDU, Crackle, Pandora, mainstream broadcast media, cable outlets and more. Users can relax in front of their TV, interacting with the Web as well as everything on their home network thanks to a stylish QWERTY remote control rather than a bulky keyboard, totally changing the way we experience digital entertainment. Practically everything you own on your home network and everything you pull from the Internet is now accessible on your TV with Iomega TV with Boxee.

Boxee technology gives users of Iomega TV access to thousands of TV shows by easily browsing for episodes from sources like CBS, NBC, Comedy Central, HGTV, Cartoon Network and more. You can stream practically any content that strikes your fancy, including thousands of movies from VUDU and others, as well as music galore, all without ever leaving your TV. All of your favorite online content can be enjoyed in crystal clear quality with 1080p HD video playback (where applicable) when your HDTV is paired with Iomega TV with Boxee.

Wait! There’s Your Home Network, Too!
Iomega TV with Boxee is also a fully-featured network storage solution featuring EMC’s innovative LifeLine™ operating system, a suite of applications that provides advanced storage and security technologies for home users. EMC LifeLine software supports Windows-, Mac- and Linux- based computers, giving users of Iomega TV with Boxee the luxury of accessing every connected device on their home network from their television.

Freedom of Choice: Iomega TV with Boxee With or Without Storage
Iomega will launch the new Iomega TV with Boxee in two different versions: Iomega® TV with Boxee, which has no onboard hard drive, and a second model, Iomega® TV with Boxee + Storage, which includes either a 1TB or 2TB hard drive for storing content. Both models feature Boxee’s easy-to-use software along with network storage functionality.

Iomega TV with Boxee easily connects to a television by HDMI or composite video and optical audio outputs. Users can also connect all of the computers on their home network, making it easy to store, access and share videos, photos and music across the home network or store all the files in one convenient location.

Both models of Iomega TV with Boxee are compatible with DLNA devices on your home network, as well as Wi-Fi ready (802.11n) for flexibility in placing the unit next to your TV. Both models feature two USB ports for additional storage, making Iomega TV with Boxee a networked media center as well as a centralized storage solution for the home.

With full 1080p high definition playback, Iomega TV with Boxee supports virtually all of today’s popular CODECs and file types, including H.264, WMV, MKV, and plenty of others.

Socialize with Iomega TV with Boxee
Iomega TV with Boxee also empowers users to socialize with their friends by making it easy to share their favorite movies, TV shows, and web video from the Internet or their own home network. Users can also quickly connect Iomega TV with Boxee to their social life using social networks including Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz.

Fees? What Fees?
Best of all, there are absolutely no recurring fees with Iomega TV with Boxee. If online content is available for free on the Internet, then we do our best to make it free with Iomega TV with Boxee.

Powered by Intel
The new Iomega TV with Boxee is powered by the Intel® Atom™ processor CE4100, bringing the high performance needed to support both Internet and broadcast applications. The CE4100 has the processing power and audio/video capabilities that enable support for the rich media applications available on the new Iomega TV with Boxee.

Supporting Quotes
“As we take Boxee’s platform into a variety of livingroom devices, Iomega TV with Boxee has a unique appeal for many of our users as an all-in-one home for entertainment and storage,” said Avner Ronen, Boxee CEO & co-founder. “Additionally, given Iomega’s worldwide footprint and brand recognition, we’re excited to be working with them to bring the Boxee experience to new users worldwide.”

J&R Music and Computer World will be selling the new Iomega TV with Boxee product line later this quarter at its website,, as well as its retail stores, including its flagship store on Park Row in New York City.

“At J&R, we’re constantly seeking out the latest and greatest in products for our tech savvy customers,” said Rachelle Friedman, President and Co-CEO, J&R Music and Computer World.  “The new lineup of Iomega TV with Boxee products not only delivers the Boxee experience of streaming all kinds of content from the web directly to your TV, but the added value and convenience of accessing your home network, too. Now you don’t have to leave the couch or your TV to enjoy the web and all of your own videos, pictures and music stored on any of the personal computers on your home network. That’s the kind of product innovation we like to bring to our J&R customers.”

Wilfred Martis, General Manager, Retail CE, Intel Digital Home Group, said, “Iomega TV with Boxee delivers a unique and exciting smart TV experience, offering access to a wide range of Internet content and applications through the TV. The new experience requires advanced processing performance, as well as outstanding audio/visual capabilities, and we’re proud that Iomega has selected the Intel® Atom™ processor CE4100 to power this revolutionary product.”

Availability and Warranty
The new Iomega® TV with Boxee and the new Iomega® TV with Boxee + Storage products are expected to be available worldwide in February. Iomega TV with Boxee is $229.99, Iomega TV with Boxee + 1TB Storage is $299.99, and Iomega TV with Boxee + 2TB Storage is $349.99. (All pricing is U.S. suggested retail.).

Iomega TV with Boxee products include a 3-year limited warranty (with registration).

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