aXbo isn’t Asleep on the Job!

The 24th of January is the fifth anniversary of aXbo , the amazing sleep phase alarm clock. In 2010, aXbo received the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Export Prize.

In order to demonstrate the international significance of the aXbo sleep phase alarm clock, we can offer the following statistics: the earth is divided up into 24 time zones of 1 hour each. In seconds, that is the equivalent of 86,400 seconds. This is exactly the number of aXbo-users currently being gently revived by the sleep phase alarm clock – to be exact, 86,500 – taking into consideration the fact that 50,000 aXbo sleep phase alarm clocks have been sold, 73% are used by a couple (i.e. two people use one clock), giving a total of 86,500 people gently waking up by an aXbo every day. Statistically speaking, this means that on average, someone is being roused gently by an aXbo every second. Furthermore, Boris Eis, the inventor of the sleep phase alarm clock, is making sure that this figure will continue to rise in the future. His entrepreneurship, his forward thinking and above all his personal interest in the topic of sleep can be seen in the terrific developments in the aXbo sleep phase alarm clock.

aXbo sleep phase alarm clock wins the Export Prize 2010
Every year, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber awards a prize to an innovative enterprise whose rising export quotas attract attention and which has had a marked success in foreign markets. First place in the trade category went to the Vienna-based infactory gmbh in 2010. Boris Eis, founder and managing director of infactory, is also the inventor of the aXbo sleep phase alarm clock. Co-operation with local partners in combination with stronger public relations aimed at the international market, witnessed an increase in the export quotas from 44% in 2009 to 90% in 2010. aXbo is currently being sold in 22 countries in all five continents.

Innovative product development
With its commitment to continual product development, aXbo has its finger on the pulse. Starting from 2011 the aXbo sleep phase alarm clock will be equipped with a newly developed function: the iSnooze. This allows you to snooze intelligently and remain relaxed as you stay in bed. Snoozers have the possibility to activate that snooze function up to two times while remaining confident that they will still be awoken in their optimal sleep phase. aXbo’s main promise of being awoken in your optimal sleep phase naturally remains held and distinguishes the unique capabilities of the iSnooze function and the aXbo sleep phase alarm clock itself.

2010 also saw the broadening of the color range of the aXbo covers, bringing more color into your bedroom. The interchangeable covers are now also available in a fiery red as well as the original black and white. For this year, new covers are already being planned, with a special design in leather. A new accessory was also developed for frequent travelers. The practical travel bag allows the aXbo to be packed carefully as your permanent traveling companion and ensures that even when jetting through time zones you are assured a good morning.

How aXbo works

Everybody goes through several cycles in the night, alternating between deeper and lighter sleep phases. Each of these phases is marked by different body movements. Purely by means of this activity, the sleep phases can be distinguished and your optimal waking time determined. aXbo wakes you gently within the last 30 minutes before your set waking time from an optimal sleep phase at a moment when you are already almost awake, giving you an effortless start to your day, making you feel better and more productive – all day.

Available online
The aXbo sleep phase alarm clock can be ordered online from www.axbo.com. For singles or couples (for 2 people) in various colors from 179 €.