EFO shrinks a Google TV Keyboard

It may look like the Rii keyboard, but it’s been micro-sized to fit in the palm of your hands.  Full keyboard, specialty keys, and it’s a laser pointer too?  I was asked to post this as news, but all I can really do is put up some pictures and declare like a teenager, “OMG! Look-it!”   Do not mind the seriousness of being able to fully control the special features of Google TV, support for Windows and Linux, or even that it can be used with a games console.   No, you shouldn’t simply consider that it packs a full featured keyboard into a compact size while maintaining a normal layout of the keys.  No. No. No.  Just, “Look-it!”

From the EFO website:


  • 82 keys handheld style keyboard with Touchpad
  • Real notebook Touchpad (90 degree touchpad flip, Ultra sentitive, multi-touch and scrolling bar)
  • Multi-language supporting
  • Special keys for supporting Google TV set top box
  • Unique Page up and Page down key for presentation
  • Backlighting: Makes text entry effortless even in low light.
  • Plug and play: no need to install software.
  • Freedom pairing
  • Windows Multimedia Control
  • 2.4G DSSS: Enjoy long-range wireless control from up to 10 metre (33 feet) away
  • 4 in 1: Keyboard, mouse, touchpad and laser pointer 4 in 1.
  • Real QWERTY full function mini keyboard with more defined buttons.
  • Full Function keys (F1 to F12) and Multi-Media Key (Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Mute, Volume Up, Volume Down).
  • Build-in rechargeable Li-ion batteries: Last longer  up to two weeks between charges.
  • Short recharge time: Around two hours can fully charge the battery.
  • Indication light: Multiple indication lights for signal, data transmission and power.

Well, pictures or nice, but here are some links to take advantage of their pre-order sale that gives a nice 30% sale (limited time only, and follow the links for more details).

l         RF ($65) :

l         Bluetooth ($75) :