Samsung HM7000 Bluetooth Headset Review

Accompanied by an ingenious portable charging cradle, the HM7000 from Samsung Mobile combines a compact boom microphone design with a charging cradle that’s actually useful beyond simply charging.

In addition to its textured finish and chrome metal details, the HM7000’s portable charging cradle keeps the headset encased and protected when snapped closed, allowing for maximum portability and charging on the go. With one, quick nudge at the case’s hidden hinge, the cradle seamlessly unfolds into an attractive desktop dock, providing a smart and efficient charging station and display stand for the HM7000.  This really works well and as you can plug the charging cable into the headset directly or the charging cradle you get the best of both worlds.

In addition to portability, the HM7000’s charging case provides the user with a very strong battery life, adding the ability to fully charge the HM7000 up to three additional times while on the go without having to plug into the wall. The case also features an on/off switch on the side to conserve power, as well as LED battery status indicators on both the case and the headset. With its extended battery life, Samsung made sure to fit the HM7000 earpiece with an advanced ear gel design for maximum comfort and wearability.

The HM7000 is equipped with Samsung isolāt™, Samsung’s most advanced dual-mic noise reduction and echo cancellation technology to date, as well as a boom mic for enhanced call clarity in a variety of environments. Voice commands and voice prompts come standard on the HM7000, while the Samsung FreeSync Android App, available for free at the Android Market, provides users with added features such as text-to-speech capability for e-mail and text messaging, social media feed updates, caller ID and more.

The only cons I found related to the built-in voice commands, but since my Android phone has it’s own voice technology (that I’m quite used to) I simply used it in place of the Samsung voice commands which I found less intuitive than those on the phone. HM7000 Product Specifications

  • Bluetooth version 3.0
  • Profiles: Stereo (A2DP) Bluetooth Codec (MP3, SBC), Mono (HFP)(HSP)
  • Talk time: Up to 4 hours (headset); up to 16 hours with charging unit
  • Standby time: Up to 160 hours (headset); up to 640 hours with charging unit
  • Voice Prompt & Command
  • Text-to-speech functionality with Samsung FreeSync Android App
  • Samsung isolāt™ Dual mic noise cancellation/echo cancellation technology
  • Music streaming (A2DP support)
  • Active Pairing
  • Multipoint technology

The Samsung HM7000 will be available in late October for $99.99 at T-Mobile retail stores nationwide and at, and at select RadioShack stores nationwide starting in November. For more information, please visit