Handle your Android with the Magic of Mujjo

My very own Mujjo gloves arrived in the mail. Examining them closely I could see bright, metallic threads running through the knitting. The explanation is from the web site:



“Capacitive touchscreens work by sensing the conductive properties of your skin. Mujjo gloves are made of high-quality silver-coated nylon fibers knitted into the fabric of the glove. These silver-coated nylon fibers make the gloves conductive and therefore touchscreen compatible! We’ve been spending hours and hours in our lab to get the fabric just right.”



Very clever idea because I can use my Android phone exactly as I normally would. It’s as if the Mujjo gloves are a second skin. Some other gloves only have the tip of the index and thumb with touch screen sensitivity, but Mujjo gloves are sensitive ALL OVER. You don’t have to rethink how to use them, as they let you use every finger you own. Some Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S ll – SPH-D710 are able to sense all ten fingers. Others like the SAMSUNG SPH-M930 can only handle input from five fingers. With the Mujjo gloves on you use your phone to it’s maximum capacity.





This is a little video I made using the gloves to play with Fleya – my favorite entertainment on any touch device. I put the right glove on my right hand to show that there is no difference in operating the device with or without the glove.



From mujjo

I also discovered that the glove is so effective that even holding the other glove in the already gloved hand still communicates with the touch screen. At about 1:33 I hold the left-hand glove while still wearing the right glove and run it over the screen to continue creating those fluid dynamics visions.

Are these gloves warm enough for really cold weather? The coldest it has been here so far is 16° (F) or about -9° (C) and part of that evening I was driving. I could feel the VERY cold wheel through the gloves. Generally the temperature where I live are higher than freezing so the gloves have been perfectly fine and comfortable. I supposed if you lived in the North Pole you might have to add mittens over the Mujjo gloves, but it’s still better than having nothing. I was also concerned about how rugged the gloves would be. Would the conductive thread get caught in sharp objects, getting pulled out? After each daily wearing I examined the gloves and they have consistently appeared to be perfectly fine. They are not ‘delicate’, They are in fact quite sturdy. What a relief!

Right now they only come in black and in two sizes. I hope these gloves really take off because they are quite a wonderful idea and Android devices with touch screens are unlikely to disappear. If the good people making these gloves want ideas for the future it’s to add various colors, maybe adding other textures like fleece and including hooks to connect the gloves together. Yes, I like my gloves with hooks – that way they never get lost. But I am just delirious with these gloves. It makes it so easy to use my phones no matter where I am or what I am doing. I’ve even texted comments to Facebook and Goggle+ and sent email with no difficulty wearing these gloves.

There’s no reason to wait….these are fabulous! Get them now!


Small / Medium and Medium / Large sizes available
€24.95 (easy enough to covert with the various free apps on one’s smartphone)