A New Way to Sing for Your Data – Play Your FlashHarp

Flash drives are now as ubiquitous as floppies used to be. I suspect that nearly Everyone who has a computer has at least one flash drive. I have several. I mean I actually have lost count. They come in all sorts of shapes, physical sizes, colors, designs, etc.



Some come with themes. They look like toys or skateboards/snowboards. Some are made to look like jewelry. Well, this is the FIRST time I have every seen a flash drive that is a musical instrument. I just couldn’t let this go without a comment. I saw this here



The FlashHarp holds 2GB worth of data so it’s a decent internal size.  I just love the idea. So darn cool!



The creator says:

FlashHarp’s “guts” include brass reeds and reed plates and a plastic “comb” (same as what you’ll find inside the harmonicas of most players today). I make each one by hand in Riverside, Illinois, near Historic Route 66. I carefully combine the memory and musical workings—both from market leaders—so that each is undisturbed by the other. I further use stainless steel covers that are cut with custom-made tools.



Dimensions (in inches) with USB cap on:
Out of plastic box: 3³⁄₁₆ x 7/8 x ¹¹⁄₁₆
In plastic box: 3½ x 1³⁄₁₆ x ¹⁵⁄₁₆


$39.95 USD plus Shipping is not too bad for a musical instrument with storage capabilities.