Can the V3 Solar Spin Cell Brighten Our World?

Anyone that knows me realizes that I am a huge fan of alternative Energy. So, I am quite fascinated by this interesting and new version of a solar “panel”. We are all familiar with the flat panel. v3 solar is a company that is developing a CONE shaped solar collector. Check out the web page for more info. Basically, the spinning prevents the panels from overheating. Heat can reduce the efficiency of solar panels and the v3 is designed to keep the temperature to about 95° F.


Here’s another interesting bit of info from the FAQ:

One Spin Cell produces as much energy as five flat panels. So if you needed twenty flat panels to power your house, you would only need four Spin Cells.

That also indicates to me that these cones can be arranged like sculpture and be a beautiful addition to the landscape.



I’m keeping my eye out for further development because this looks quite nice.