Mujjo adds 4 colors to their Touchscreen Gloves

My favorite Touchscreen Gloves now come in FOUR colors besides the original Black. A delicate Coral Pink, a subtle Lavender, a genteel Sandstone, and a warm Natural Gray.

The improvements are not just additional colors, however. Mujjo is a company that believes in quality and work hard to improve their product lines. These improved Touchscreen Gloves are no exception. They have worked to improve the insulation, the elasticity, and usability. As you can read in the Mujjo blog:

While developing the new texture, we literally spent hours texting in an icebox.

Wow! I don’t know many people who would spend hours in an icebox testing the features of new gloves…….I wonder what they were texting? “Hey, Bob, I’m freezing in here but the gloves are FABULOUS!!!!” “Oh, CAROL! Wait until you see the Lavender gloves, they almost match my frozen face.”

All kidding aside, I love my original Touchscreen Gloves – the link to the review is below. They are tough and work perfectly on every device I’ve used them on. These new versions being a bit warmer makes them the idea glove for touchscreens. No matter how cold it gets!