Make Your Phone Snappy with the Snappgrip Camera Controller Case

snapgripp These days it’s common for a good smart phone to come equipped with a really decent camera – generally 8 mega-pixels and including all sorts of interesting features. But, darn! it’s not always easy to Get That Shot while handling the phone while you are trying not to drop it.

Someone said, “There has to be a better way” and sure enough the snappgrip was invented. If you go to the site – you can view this case plus camera controller designed for various devices including the Samsung Galaxy S lll and iPhone 4 and 5.

The camera controller comes with a physical shutter button and a free app from the Google and Apple stores online. It’s connected via BlueTooth and has a tripod screw mount – hey it’s starting to feel like a REAL camera!!!

Prototypes are expected to be out by the 6th of January and will be at CES 2013!!!

Be there and experience the next snappy thing!