Samsung Galaxy Camera – Verizon 4G LTE Connected

Galaxy_camera_600x600_xlarge_1_2With a host of features, the Samsung Galaxy Camera LTE 4G from Verizon offers an excellent return on investment. 21X optical zoom, android operating system, full connectivity across various platforms and editing tools on board, this camera is truly advanced beyond anything in the market currently. But does it really offer a truly immersive camera experience while combining the ‘share anywhere’ experience of the Android platform? Read on and find out….

While a dedicated camera from the top, the 4G and LTE features actually make it a camera-tablet hybrid. The focus remains on high performance photography even though connectivity is its next forte. Together, it offers a shoot and share experience like never before. If you love taking pictures from your smartphone and sharing it with friends and family, you will find the Samsung Galaxy Camera perfectly suited to your needs. Here are a few of its features explained in detail.

Fully Connected Network

Verizon’s 4G mobile internet connectivity allows users to not just capture pictures with the Samsung Galaxy Camera but also share videos and pictures instantly using voice commands with friends and family.

Professional Photography With Ease

Firstly, this is a serious camera that can handle any kind of situation. With the wide angle 23mm zoom lens, 21x optical zoom and image stabilization built into the unit, you can select from a host of settings for full automation, manual or single features. Then all you have to do is let the camera figure out the rest. Besides, you can also command the camera using Samsung S Voice to record video, zoom in, smile and more.

Quick And Easy Photo Editing

With the Galaxy camera you can take vibrant videos, beautiful photos and if by any chance you feel let down by a particular picture, use the Photo Wizard to edit them right in the camera. Add effects, adjust color and brightness, crop the image and do much more. Using the video editor you can even rearrange scenes, delete them, add music or text into them. These tools are designed for precision and will help users customize photographs before sharing them. Besides with the 4.8 inch HD Super Clean Touch Screen, you will never miss out on a single detail.

Easy SharingGalaxy_camera_600x600_xlarge_6_1

Thanks to its host of advanced features, sharing anything on the internet is super easy. Android, 4G, Wi-Fi and its bright HD screen together bring a whole new experience into the camera segment. Buddy Photo Share allows users to post directly on various social networks the moment a picture is taken as well as share with other compatible devices nearby.

Services such as Dropbox, Picasa and others can also upload your photos in the background while you’re snapping away. Samsung also includes similar features to make sure your photos are in the cloud without worry.

Smarter Organization

Storing all your pictures on the camera now comes with superior organizational abilities. The SMART Content Manager actually organizes all pictures according to location, favorites, time and much more so that you can browse through them quicker. It also packs in a Music Player as well as a full web browser.

The Pros

Right off, it’s a really good camera. Excellent optics. The huge screen is wonderful. Some of the ideas they’ve had for interconnecting the camera with tablets/phones and social media are really well thought out. Popup flash is quite nice. The fact that it incorporates and Android OS into a camera actually increases the potentials of the digital camera market. Even with new gen smartphones being capable of shooting 13 megapixel pictures, the quality is at best average because phones use a lot of their processing power for other operations. The Samsung camera on the other hand brings its CPU and memory functions for taking pictures and videos. Besides, the 21X zoom feature is definitely something that your phone can never match up to. As far as being a camera goes it does an excellent job, much better than any smartphone can.

Coming to the apps and the overall performance, the large screen and its sensitive touch controls work well in tandem and feel easy to use. However, the interface could do with a little more improvement but because of the Android OS, you can actually customize it with apps of your choice, just as you would your phone.

The Cons

Considering the hefty price tag, the Samsung Galaxy camera disappoints in the overall camera quality. It is at par with a Point and Shoot camera in the $150 range with the exception of the 21X zoom feature. Obviously most of the money goes into the additional features but then again if you are paying above $300, you expect a better quality camera. Next up is the shutter speed which is a tad bit slow. While this is great for low light shooting, it does not exactly cater well to sports events or rapid shots. Thankfully, you won’t notice this problem much.

A smaller issue with the Samsung Galaxy camera is that the Android OS offers so many other features that you can find yourself lost between Android apps and phone features. Obviously the more time you spend with the camera the less this is an issue.

The Verdict

Overall, it seems like an excellent gizmo to own with a decent blend of features and performance. The camera is well thought out with exactly those features that social networking folks want. If you can find the Samsung Galaxy camera with a discount price or on sale then go for it.