Run over to to download the best iPhone and iPad browser you wish you had before. It’s fast, safe, secure and a totally new take on what browsing for iOS can be.

Opera Coast is a groundbreaking new browser app that puts the conventions of traditional internet browsing to bed. It’s free to download and will make you wonder why your iPad, iPhone, or iTouch never had a browser like this before.

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Opera Coast is clean and simple. Control the web by swiping and tapping.

Opera Coast automatically refreshes all your favorite sites to keep you on top of their latest posts. The app will also suggest some interesting sites to expand your knowledge and keep you entertained.

Pull down on the three little squares in the bottom-right and you can swipe between your recently viewed sites. Opera Coast refreshes a page’s content, so when you get back to it, you know you’re getting the latest developments.

Search the web with a quick swipe down from the home screen. You won’t believe your eyes when you get a glimpse at how beautiful it is. The app offers auto-completed site tiles and text for you to search the web.

Long-press the wallpaper on your home screen and Opera Coast gives you some suggestions for how to dress up your browser, or you can add photos from your camera roll.

Opera Coast is the first browser that puts safety where it belongs: under the hood.