Olixar AquaFonik Bluetooth Shower Speaker – Talk While Wet

AquaFonikI can see getting this. Because I work at home I sometimes take showers in the middle of the day and there have been times when I am expecting a phone call. That pressure really puts a damper on  enjoying my shower (one of the joys of life, doncha know). If I had one of these stuck to my shower wall I could relax and know I won’t miss a call.


Totally waterproof and 100% safe when wet.

Available in blue, green and pink.







Why buy an Olixar AquaFonik Bluetooth Shower Speaker?
Enjoy listening to music while in the shower. With music playback controls
and a built-in microphone for those important phone calls that just can’t wait.
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The amazing features include:
Bluetooth technology allows you to listen to music in the showerAttaches securely to your tiles with the strong suction cup. With a playback time of 6hrs you can listen for longerMake and receive calls while in the shower using the built-in microphone.
To find out more, click here. Also available in green and pink.
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