Talk to the Hand – The BlueTooth Glove Actually

When I showed my Bluetooth Glove to a group of friends that was the comment – the joke writes itself. And with good reason. When i saw that mobilefun was selling this glove MY first thought was, ‘are you kidding me???’ But the more one thinks about it the more sense it makes. So I just had to ask to review it.

The gloves are knitted in double layers. Having worn them in 30° F weather I can report they are comfortable and warm. Within the thumb is the speaker. I’d say it’s about half and inch wide. When I am using the gloves to drive I find that I don’t like the feeling of the speaker directly on the ‘pad’ of my thumb because I don’t want to press against the speaker. I’m afraid of breaking it. So I turn the fabric of the thumb until the speak is on the side of my finger. That way I can hold my steering wheel comfortably without fear of damaging my Bluetooth device. I didn’t realize it immediately – the Mic is a tiny “bump” found over the first knuckle of my pinky finger. When I need to talk using my Glove it works perfectly. Holding the thumb to my ear and the Mic near my mouth everything works as expected. It sounds crazy but the very simplicity of it is elegant. And it sounds just like talking into a phone. There’s no degradation of the signal.

The gloves come with a little booklet as well as a USB cable for powering up the Bluetooth device. It takes a bit of practice to slip the mini-plug into the device properly but as you can see I did it. You have to gently pull back the fabric to get a good look at where you plug in but once you get it you’ll be able to “feel” it alright. While it’s being powered the light is red. Once it’s full the light turns off.

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Before pairing with your phone turn the glove on by pressing the “Multi-Function-Button” until the red and blue lights alternately. The “Multi-Function-Button” is that Green painted button to the right of the light. That’s also the button you press when answering a phone call. The two buttons below that are volume Up and volume Down.

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Turn your Bluetooth on in your phone. Look for the “Hi-Call” glove device. Make sure your phone is visible. Tap on it to PAIR.

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This phone didn’t ask for a passcode but if a phone does ask for one the booklet comes with a number for you to use. PAIRing occurred immediately. I Paired the Glove with another phone I have (Virgin Mobile) and it didn’t ask for a passcode either so I can’t say if this is normal.

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The Bluetooth Glove can also be used on all touchscreens because it’s “Capacitive touchscreen friendly”. One slight negative is that the Glove is not Multipoint. You can only be Paired to one device at a time.


So, keep you hands warm this winter and never have to take your gloves off to answer your phone. Get your own Kit Bluetooth Gloves with Built-in Microphone & Speaker and impress all your friends.


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