Air Dock 2.0 Wireless Phone Car Charging Dock

air-dock-standardLet’s face it, there is no convenient time for a dead phone battery and Air Dock 2.0 Wireless Phone Charging Dock makes it simple to charge any Qi compatible phone while you are driving in your car. No need to fumble around with the old fashioned car accessory adapter or charging cable to charge your cellphone.

The Air Dock 2.0 will hold your phone in place without it being locked in place. The surface of the charger will not damage the phone while it charging. It uses strong magnets behind the soft micro suction foam material on the front on the mount. It will even work while phone is still inside a plastic cover that is 3mm thick or less.


Since it is a wireless charger is only compatible with those smartphones that are Qi compatible. We have tested it with a number of phones and other mobile devices from Samsung. These included the Galaxy Note 3, Note 4 and also Galaxy S4 smartphone. Check the Air Dock website to be sure that your phone is compatible before you buy the Air Dock.

The Air Dock folks also offer wireless charging receiver stickers for many popular phones, and they also have iPhone charging cases!

Multiple Mounts

Not all car interiors are the same so the Air Dock 2.0 has multiple mounting options available, depending on your needs. One mount uses a suction cup in order to hold it in place, so whether you want it to put it on your car’s dash or stick it directly to the windshield, there is a mount available. You can even get a CD Slot mounting option – making the Air Dock the only Qi charger with this mounting option currently available!

cd-mount-sideEase Of Use

The USB cord plugs directly into Air Dock 2.0 from the cars accessory socket and charges using the Qi wireless charging technology. Just place the phone against the front of the Air Dock 2.0 and it will do the rest while you worry about driving your car.


The Air Dock 2.0 solves the convenience problem of charging your cellphone in the car. Traditional car adapters cords get in way when plugged in and charging your phone. The Air Dock 2.0 Wireless Charging Docks solves the problem of the inconvenient cord. The mount stays in place with suction cup built-into the base and embedded magnets safely holds your phone in place while it is charging. As long as your cell phone is Qi wireless charging compatible, the Air Dock 2.0 is the best car charger for the money.