Samsung GALAXY S6 edge+ Glossy Cover review

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In the days of the Galaxy S5 and Note 4, it was all about the S View Cover, but now that curved edge are a thing, the focus now seem to be less on covering the phone and more about showing those edges.

The Cover case might provide as much protection as those unsightly case, but still deceptively offers more protection than you think. Could this be my all time favorite case for the S6 edge+ ?

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If you’re all about showing those beautiful curves on the S6 edge+ and not covering them up with a case, the Cover Case is the case for you. The official flip cases for example just seem to get in the way, are quite expensive and don’t really offer that much extra protection, except for scratches. In some cases, certain flip cases even cause scratches. Simply put, because the official flip cases don’t really offer any extra protection in the case you drop your phone, for this reason you’d be better off with something without a flap that gets in the way, all while still protecting the back against scratches and protecting those four corners that phones are known to land on. The cover case does just that.

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The Cover case comes in several variants. There’s the “Clear” variant, which as you guessed has a clear back, allowing you to see the color of the phone itself and comes in three colors: silver, gold and dark blue. While the case itself is clear, the outer edges and protective corners are done in a matching metallic color. There’s also the “Glossy” variant which drops the clear back for a matching glossy gold, silver or dark blue back finish. It also drops the metallic edges for a clear finish. Lastly there’s the “Glitter” version, which comes in pink, blue, gold and silver in a shiny, glittery finish, all while maintaining a smooth finish. Just like the “clear cover” it also has matching metallic edges.

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If I had to choose one variant, I would go with glossy cover case as this looks like there isn’t even a case on the phone, pretty much matching the phone’s own glossy finish, except for those tiny dots that cover the entire back. I do wish however, that Samsung could have used metallic edges instead of the clear edges. While it doesn’t look bad, it simply doesn’t look as elegant as the metallic edges found on the clear cover case. While the clear cover case has the advantage of those elegant metallic edges which makes the phone even more high-end than it already is, it isn’t as clear as it can be, making the glossy finish of the phone itself look a bit dull. The perfect clear cover would have been the glossy variant with metallic edges.

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The S6 edge+, just like the regular S6 edge, is extremely thin and as a result of this thinness has sharp edges that in some case can get uncomfortable. The case greatly enhances the balance and grip in a way that the phone simply doesn’t feel right without it. It also does away with those sharp edges you get when not using the case. Those extra millimeters that are added to the metal edges make a lot of difference.

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Another notable feature of this case is its ultra slim profile. Around these raised corners, the case leaves all sides exposed, leaving the metal parts vulnerable to scratches. It would have been nice if the metal edges of the phone were also covered by the case, but that would also get in the way of a smooth interaction with the phone’s edges. It’s not ideal, but it’s a good compromise.

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My S6 edge+ has yet to show scratches on these exposed metal part, which is why I think the designers made the right decision.

Perhaps the most important feature of this case is that covers the four corners of the device. If you’ve ever dropped a phone before, you’ll know that if it doesn’t fall flat on the screen, many times it will land on one of these four corners. These raised edge are so subtly and tastefully done that it completely integrates with the design of the phone and almost looking like it should be part of the design, all while protecting these four vulnerable corners. Because edges and corners have a clear finish, it doesn’t integrate into the design as well as a metallic design, but it’s not far behind either.

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Speaking of those four corners I talked about earlier, these curve towards the screen and slightly stick out. The result is these tiny protrusions that slightly raise the screen from any flat surface when the phone is turned upside down, again protecting the screen from scratches. If the phone also happen to fall on its screen, these protrusions will take the brunt of the fall, all while the screen itself sits slightly elevated. Which brings us to the next point. Unlike a flip case, this case won’t offer much screen protection except for those small overhangs. The S6 has been known to have a screen that scratches very easily. The catch with this case is that a screen protector is a must.

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On the back the camera module sits recessed behind the cover, adding some protection. This is a major plus as the S6-series are known for the cameras that stick out, as a result the entire phone rests on the camera module when sitting on a flat surface.

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Compared to clear view cover we tested for the S6 edge, I noticed that this one doesn’t scratch as easily. The material seem way sturdier, less flexible and less prone to scratches when compared to that other finish.

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Overall, if you are looking for a case for the S6 edge+, does should be at the top of your list. It looks good, it protects the camera module, the four corners and even raises the phone a bit when resting on the screen, all while leaving those beautiful edges to be used the way they were meant to be used. A screen protector is a must however. It gets a 10 out of 10.


Protects the back, four corners and slightly raises the screen

Protects the camera module

Looks great and adds to the S6’s design

Improves grip and makes the phone more comfortable to hold

One a few cases that actually enhances the design of the phone.

Slightly raises the screen when the phone is resting on the screen

Less prone to scratching


A Screen protector is a must