iOttie iTap Magnetic Vent Mount – an Attractive Mount

itap-3 The iOttie iTap Magnetic Vent Mount is a sophisticated yet fully functional mounting solution that provides a strong grip to smartphones using a strong magnetic hold. Instead of the traditional windshield or dashboard mount that uses clamps or suction, there is now a new option to mount your phone.

Magnets – Good or Bad?

Your first thought may be, how strong are the magnets? Well, this device uses six rare earth magnets (you can actually feel the grip if you place the magnet close to the mount) Rest assured that the magnets will not cause interruption in phone or internet use. That said, however, the magnets may cause some interference with the compass on your smartphone. The compass will return to normal once the smartphone is removed from the mount, but it is something to be aware of before purchasing this device.

itap-2Easy to Install . . .and Remove!

Installation is quick and easy. Simply attach the magnetic plate to your smartphone, mount with one hand and you are ready to go. The mount works with most smartphones (as well as their cases) but with anything, there may be some exceptions to the rule.  This mount also accommodates GPS devices. The device provides a choice of an inner and outer metal plate. The Inner Plate is to be used between smartphone and case, while the Outer Plate is smaller and is to be used on the outside of smartphones or cases. Each plate uses an adhesive tape to attach to the mounting location and is easily removable.

Protects your device

The iTap includes a film to prevent scratches from occurring on your device. It is suggested to be used on the outside of your smartphone/device, therefore you will need to use it with your outer metal plate. It is hardly noticeable with its clear appearance while also being easy to remove, and it will not leave any residue on your device!

itap-1One click . . . Lock & Load . . .

The design is more compact than most vent mounts so it gives off a cleaner, more modern look. This mount provides for custom viewing angles as it was designed to allow for a full 360 degree rotation and the travel on this rotation is very firm so it will stay in place once you have it set. It has a unique “one click” lock and release feature so you will avoid any scratches or damage to the car vents. This locking feature also minimizes any vibrations to the device when it is in use and the spring loaded feature provides a strong grip on your car vents as well.

Final Thoughts

itap-4The iOttie iTap Magnetic Vent Mount has the strongest magnets I’ve seen on this type of mount. I feel very safe putting phones or small tablets on it and not worrying about the device holding them securely.  This unit has very high quality construction. The use of aluminum bezel is an excellent choice and will make for a lasting product.  As far as ease of use, this is absolutely the easiest way to mount your device in your car.

You can also use it as a ‘kickstand’ to hold your device at an angle on any flat surface as well!

Highly recommended!