Honor 5X – The ‘No Nonsense’ Smart Review

honor5x-1Huawei has brought their renowned Chinese smartphone brand, the Honor, to the US mobile market, and with the launch of the latest Honor 5X, ticking all the right boxes, they are determined to leave a strong impression.

Though Huawei has been in existence since 1987, it was not recently that the brand name became a competitor with the likes of Samsung and Microsoft. With Honor 5X, Huawei aims to launch themselves into the US global market, offering a “No Nonsense” smartphone built with the latest technology, intricate design, and a flexible UI.

But does Honor 5X really has what it takes to grab a significant chunk of the smartphone market? Before you shell out nearly $200 from your pocket debating if it’s worth the price, this comprehensive analysis of the gadget might just be the best thing you have come across.

If it looks good, it feels good

Though we stress about the detailed specification, but a sleek designed high-end smartphone could put a smile on your face. Honor 5x claims to bring you an intricately designed smartphone with world class architecture. Now, I am aware how unlike “world-class” it is to have the screen on the front with an extra black bezel spoiling it. Even worse, the plastic at the top and rear panel are obvious and are poorly aligned, hindering the shine of the diamond polished aluminum alloy used to create the body. But I will definitely credit the unique blend of sandblasted matte sides complementing the shiny CNC milled chamfer making the device an elegant piece of product. Despite the minor negatives, the phone actually feels good with the laser-etched logo adding a touch of technology to glamour.

honor5x-2Unique Fingerprint Identification

Honor has taken security to the next level by implementing fingerprint identification feature that comes at the back of the smartphone. This advanced technology actually helps us to set the lock using our fingerprints and even with wet hands you can successfully open the lock of your phone. For those who are seriously concerned about safety, and a mere security lock or password is not enough, the fingerprint identification gives you the secure access to the device.

Cool enough? We thought so too and then we learned there’s even more. You don’t actually need to be a superhero to have superpowers, as this fingerprint sensor will launch apps, take photos, set alarms and do so much more with just one tap.

Features and Specifications

The one thing that makes me fall in love with a phone is the smooth interaction coupled with seamless transitions. Honor 5x with a 2GB RAM and a 64-bit octa-core processor works like a charm. From playing games to operating multiple applications, it’s nothing less than a cakewalk.

The 5.5 inch 1920 X 1080 pixel full HD display is another feature that makes you adore the device. After a tiresome day, the sharp light hitting you in the eye from your phone causes harm than help, but I really appreciated the 10 point multi-touch and manual color adjustments which make the display vision friendly.

Honor 5X introduces EMUI 3.1 adding more safety, pop-up reminders and reducing data transfer using video compression. The android EMUI bears close similarities with the iPhone which may bother fans of stock Android interfaces.

Another issue I face every time I’m traveling is power consumption. Countless times my phone runs out of charge and I have to go through a hassle. But the Honor 5X offers a great battery life of about 1 and a half days with it’s 3000 MAH battery and Smartpower 3.0 technology. It is a power consumption saving technology reducing the usage by 30%, that’s almost half a day more as compared to other contemporary devices.

honor5x-3A photographer’s friend

If you are not already impressed with the 13 MP rear camera with it’s 28mm angle lens and 5MP front camera also with 22mm wide angle lens, here’s food for your thought – there’s a mode of photography called the “Food Mode”. Yes, you read that right, this mode is especially for food lovers to capture memories of the delicacies. Also, slow motion mode, smile mode, and time-lapse mode give you plenty of styles to experiment with. So, now you can snap the best photographs and selfies even when the light isn’t perfect without having the hassle of downloading different third-party applications. Most importantly you can adjust the settings, use beautification algorithms offering flexibility to get the best shot.

It definitely sounds good

Nothing can ever go wrong with a crisp clear audio and a louder speaker volume. Designed with a unified speaker chamber, unique smart power amplifier, and bottom speaker design the music is simply ‘pitch perfect’.

The noise reducing earphones for those important phone calls in honking traffic or loud social events, adds cherry on the cake.


Indeed, the Honor 5X seems to be packed with features, but is it worth having? Well, ignoring the few negatives, overall the phone is a decent product for a great (off-contract even!) price. It does offer competitive technologies with a friendly UI and a classic look and feel.

When a company launches a product to fight with the likes of the Apple, it’s a fact that they better come with something to look forward to. The sturdy design coupled with smooth performance and functional features makes Honor 5X a good choice amongst the recent phones in the market.