Netgear’s Nighthawk C7000 – State of the Art Cable Modem and Router

ngn1600bWith the introduction of Google Fiber, the speed of the residential internet has increased by leaps and bounds. Despite the presence of Fiber to home technology offering a transmission speed of 100 megabits per second, most of us have no access to these speeds because of the absence of suitable devices and the intransigence of other internet service providers. We make do with fluctuating reliability connections and the slow speeds of the internet we have due to the outmoded equipment used by most providers. The service providers often claim to provide a high-speed consistent internet connection but fail to do so in the long run.

To all those problems above, Netgear offers an efficient solution. The Nighthawk C7000 – this is an absolutely leading-edge cable modem with an AC1900 Wi-Fi router and offers one of the highest performances in terms of speed on both the modem and router sides. But before we convince you that Nighthawk AC1900 is a must have for everyone, let’s dig into the facts why buying a cable modem router can be more advantageous as compared to renting one.

To Buy or Not To Buy

For all the users of cable internet connection, one of the major questions is to buy their own personal modems or routers or to rent them.

Surveys have shown that out of every 10 individual using an internet connection from a cable company, 7 of them likely use the modems rented from the company itself.

These cable companies charge a fee every month for renting the device. One of the most common internet providers, Comcast, charges $8 to $10 a month to rent their modem/router. So, by my calculations, every two years you spend $240 (24 X$10) for a rented modem which does not even provide the consistent speed Comcast claims to offer.

Many people are under the false impression that buying a modem is costlier than renting one. However, the reality is somewhat different. To save yourself the money, in the long run, purchasing a modem is the more financially wise choice. A cable modem will easily last well over two years, and often lasts about 3-4 times that long if it is build well – like the Nighthawk AC1900. So, for approximately $200 not only do you get an assured service for 2 years with an increased speed reliability – you’re also future proofed for coming upgrades in your service.

Another reason that people back down from buying their own equipment is the hassle of setting up. If you are not a technical person, the idea of setting up your own modem and router might be intimidating. But surprisingly the task is simpler than it looks. Netgear products come with a fully detailed manual that can help you set up the device, demonstration videos are also available on the internet. Also, you need to mention the changes to your service provider to enlist the proper MAC address of your personal modem in their system.

If that still sounds complex to you – no worries. In most cases, like my own, all I really did was replace my Comcast modem with the Nighthawk, tried to go to any website and Comcast automatically detected the new hardware and prompted me to log into Comcast. Once I did that it registered the new hardware within minutes. It was, in fact, less complex that the original Comcast modem setup!

The minor negative that exists with purchasing a personal modem and router is the possibility that if anything goes wrong or the device fails to work properly the cable company cannot be held responsible outside of their warranty period. Moreover, I think choosing the best device can also be a tough job, as with the advent of technology, latest updates are coming up each day. But, purchasing a product with all the latest technical features definitely reduces the need to upgrade in the near future.

ngn1600Purchasing a modem can potentially boost your internet speed immediately

Besides the financial benefit, the technical troubles with rented modems and routers are another reason to get your own personal device. The primary concern with rented modems is network congestion. Due to heavy network traffic often the speed falls short or the line fluctuates.

Every modem or router is connected to the internet via a few channels, and during peak hours these channels get congested. Consider it similar to driving a car along the road, the more the number of lanes available the possibility of traffic is less. Similarly, the idea of having a large of number of channels in this device really set the bar up and for me, it is one of the best advantages of the gadget.

Nighthawk AC 1900 resolves the problems of internet speed by introducing a larger number of bonded channels. It supports 24 downstream and 9 upstream channels to ensure that the connection speed is high and consistent at all times.

Now, most of us are using the services of some of the widely used internet providers like Comcast Xfinity blast, Comcast Xfinity Extreme and Time Warner Cable Maxx. This two-in-one modem router device works efficiently with all those service providers. I was left impressed with the 1.9 Gbps up speed and 1.6 Ghz processor, some of the best specifications available in contemporary devices available in the market today.

ngn1600cTechnical Features

As mentioned above, the device works both as a modem and Wi-Fi router. It has extensive technical features equally contributing to developing a modem as well as function as a router. For a DOCSIS 3.0 standard device, it offers a 960 Mbps download speed which is the best in its category. It is equipped with a 600 MHz processor for this purpose. Hence, getting stuck in network traffic, jamming and having slow internet speed has the least likely of occurrences.

The device excels as a Wi-Fi router. It has all the latest standards (ac1900) and incredible range for a consumer device. The processor has been designed to the standards of 802.11 ac router, and the up speed is 1.9 Gbps which comprises of 1.3 Gbps on GHz frequency band and .6 Gbps on 2.4 GHz frequency band. What is worth mentioning is that the design of the equipment ensures that instead of transmitting Wi-Fi signals in every direction, it is transmitted towards the client devices which improves range and connection strength. That’s like having a smart Wi-Fi router at your disposal.

Packing a punch with those technical features, the product offers Wi-Fi coverage in large homes with high-powered antennas and three dual band internal antennas. Moreover, it occurs often that your adapter may face some interference leading to poor connection. This product offers a reduced interference technical feature for better connection and boosting speed.

As I browsed through the wide array of technical aspects of the device, I was more than assured about its reliability. From beginners to professionals, the selection of a networking product lies in its capability to perform and the advanced technical features truly help to elevate the standards of the product.

Additionally, 125 MB Flash and 256 MB RAM are high-end features for a modem and router device. Compatible with all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac and others), it is difficult to find fault here.

Extra Add-ons

Don’t we all love those few extra add-ons which make the product a must-have? The extra added features might be the separating factor while comparing two similar products, and, Nighthawk AC 1900 surpasses all others when it comes to add-ons.

Despite being a Wi-Fi router, LAN ports are often necessary and the device comes with 4 LAN ports for wired devices. We all love options, and the possibility of choosing between a wired or wireless connection makes the device more flexible. Now, we not only can establish a Wi-Fi connection but also use the same product for a wired internet access.

Often we need to transport media files from different devices of your network, and the NetgearMyMedia makes smooth streaming of media files. But that’s not all, it also has features of USB storage via ReadyShare USB. I had previously never connected USB to my router, and now, with a USB port, I could connect it and share my videos, music and photos on the connected TVs, game consoles and media players. Not only that, I could even print documents directly via my printer.

One Warning

This has nothing to do with the Nighthawk itself but with how carriers like Comcast provide landline telephone service (also called EMTA – Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter). If you have triple-play service and use the landline telephone service that is included – it’s almost impossible to find a consumer modem that is sold that includes the telephone adapter connections. Comcast provides these in it’s modem and there is a similar modem, sold only at Best Buys and only then when it is in stock, that is a nearly identical modem. It costs as much as the Nighthawk but does no more than the Comcast modem does. So far as I can tell there are no standalone EMTA adapters so if landline phone service is important to you then you might as well stay with your Comcast modem.


A product which is a modem and a router rolled in one sounds idea, and many may question if going for a combined device is wise. But as we breezed through the latest technological updates available in the device, it almost becomes evident that it is the best of its kind available in the market. It is also very convenient to know that you only have to configure one device.

Assuring consistency coupled with flexibility, this product comes with the latest wireless network frameworks and is completely applicable for the present and upcoming years. For household applications, I was more than impressed with the simple customization and troubleshooting features.

From being an economically beneficial product to live streaming and gaming options, Nighthawk has indeed surpassed the expectations and delivered a product that demands to be used and reused. This is a fantastic combination that tends to stay ahead of the race as compared to contemporary other products available in the market.

So, stop paying your hard-earned dollars every month for something that was already out of date when you got it and start getting services and facilities that you truly deserve in a device you will own. With plenty of work happening online, a smooth internet speed is essential today and having a product like Nighthawk AC 1900 guarantees the services that we deserve.